Ban bulk oil in restaurants


The FCAC (Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Catalonia) has made an interesting proposal, with the purpose of avoiding consumer fraud, it requests the Government of Catalonia to prohibit the sale of oil in bulk in restaurants.

According to the FCAC, some restaurants give a hoot and the consumer does not know if the oil in the salad he is dressing is olive oil or sunflower oil. It also contributes as arguments, the prohibition that exists in New York to cook with other oil than olive or the establishment of this same rule in Italy and Portugal.

Perhaps they are right, they indicate that just as water and wine are products duly presented on the table, that is, bottled, the oil should also be presented in the same way, showing its origins through its identity sign, the container label and not in anonymous oil cans. Although we find it difficult for someone not to realize that they are putting sunflower oil instead of olive oil, not only when tasting it, it is seen with the naked eye.

Of course, presenting the bottle of oil properly labeled would be a way to promote the brand, in fact, this is more likely to be the true purpose. But we have already seen that the restaurants that take care of their image and want to show the good products they offer, already serve olive oil in labeled bottles.

Our argument for the importance of serving olive oil in its own bottle would be to maintain its organoleptic qualities, since transferring it to another container, undergoing contact with air, light, etc., will make it lose properties.

Obviously, each establishment will offer the oil it wants and we as consumers will value what it offers us. Another different case is the oil used for cooking, there surely many consumers would not distinguish if a certain food has been fried with olive or sunflower oil. This is where perhaps the greatest risk of fraud is, don't you think?

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