Nutritional properties of celery


Now we are in a delicate moment of the year, I already mentioned it after Easter. We start with that reduction of kilos that first of all must be done in a healthy way. Today I present you the Celery, an ingredient that we can use in the kitchen, cooking it or raw that gives us unbeatable nutritional properties to help reduce those extra kilillos that we have taken throughout the year.

As I like celery the most, I mentioned it in the stuffed celery recipe, it is cooked. But in crude oil we can also take advantage of it, and also its properties remain unchanged. In anticipation a bit, I can tell you that celery has diuretic properties that help the body expel fluid retention (as long as that is the cause of the extra kilos).

Nutritional properties of celery

I have to make it clear that I am talking mainly about green celery, the most common and that we can find it in a simple way in markets or stores. Of course it is a vegetable that has a very high water content, 95%. So every 100 grams of celery we will have just over 15 calories.

Its diuretic properties are given by the presence of essential oils in celery and by an element present in asparagus as well. Although it must be said that, as in other cases, these components are more abundant in the leaves and seeds.

Celery is also rich in vitamins, B1, B2 and B16. On the other hand it also has a good amount of mineral salts, potassium and sodium. It is very fibrous and also benefits intestinal transit. And as many similar vegetables help lower cholesterol, lower hypertension and ultimately very good for the cardiovascular system, our hearts will thank you.

To consume the celery ...

As I mentioned, it is convenient to eat it raw as it is, very clean and lightly scraped. Although we can also crush them to incorporate it into smoothies or juices.

My wife loves the whole stem well cleaned and scraped with a good dash of lemon. Although we can eat it, for example, cut into small pieces in salad or even grated to give a special touch to any meal. Another way is to cook it in one of our recipes.

Recipes Direct to the Palate with celery

  • Celery stuffed with olives and cheese
  • Creamy celery soup with white wine. Recipe
  • Cold celery and tomato soup. Recipe with Thermomix

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