Baked Octopus. Recipe


Cephalopod mollusk, with very fine meat, although tough. It can be prepared "a feira", fried in pieces, Provençal, Galician or with rice and saffron. In Spain, the region where it is most cooked is Galicia, although the rest of the regions also enjoy equally tasty recipes, such as this baked octopus, which is a variant of the Murcian octopus.

The ingredients

1 medium octopus, 1/2 liter of beer, olive oil, sweet paprika, salt flakes.

The preparation of the baked octopus

We preheat the oven to 180º C.

We clean the octopus well, put it in a baking dish and cover it with beer. We put it in the oven and roast for 1 hour for each kilo of octopus approximately.

From time to time we water it with a little more beer and turn it over to prevent it from drying out.

When it's ready, we take it out of the oven, drain and discard the cooking liquid, let it cool down a bit and cut it.

Processing time | 15 minutes Cook time I 60 minutes Difficulty | Low

The tasting

We are placing it in a source, we sprinkle it with the chopped paprika, we water it with olive oil and we salt it with the salt flakes.

Season it with oil, paprika and salt, is just a suggestion, it can also be seasoned, for example, with a mash of garlic, parsley, salt and oil.

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