Which broths are best to make your soups, stews and rice recipes


Many times, among the ingredients that we indicate in our recipes, we include broths that we recommend using instead of water to enhance the flavor of the rest of the products we use. This is how we get stews and rice dishes full of flavor. That is why today we want to recommend which broths are best to prepare your soups, stews and rice recipes, so that you know how to make them and so that you know how you can use them.

Except in the case of the traditional Valencian paella, -which is made using water with which the cooking broth is prepared at the moment when the ingredients are cooked before adding the rice-, in almost all stews and rice dishes (and not let's say in soupy rice) it is preferable to use broth instead of water to find intensity and power. That is why we are sure that you will find this practical guide to make and use the different types of broth useful.

Broths, as we explained in detail, are the liquids that are obtained from cooking food in plenty of water. Once prepared, they can be used to prepare soups, consommés, stews, sauces and stews or stews, being the basis of many recipes. That is why today we have prepared this compilation with the seven basic broths that you should have on hand for your stews and rice.

A) Chicken or chicken broths, white background

It is a simple broth, made from plenty of cold water, in which we will cook chopped vegetables and chicken bones or carcasses, all raw. In the process, we will continuously skim until we obtain a slightly cloudy broth, of a whitish to yellowish color.

An interesting variation when we want to look for more flavor is to prepare a chicken broth instead of a chicken broth, to make a restorative soup with it, the kind we associate with flu states and very cold days.

These chicken or chicken broths are perfect for preparing recipes for risottos and other rice dishes, chicken stews and other dishes, which will enhance their flavor if you use this broth instead of water. They are also the basis for making the classic chicken noodle soup that is so popular in this time of change in temperatures.

B) Broths of meat and its bones

Depending on the type of dish we want to make, we will prepare a meat broth or dark background using bones of veal, lamb, pork, etc., accompanied by some vegetables to refresh. The secret to obtaining a very intense flavor in a meat broth is to toast the bones well and cook them for a long time over low heat.

With this meat broth with an intense flavor, imagine what stews and stews, what meat rice dishes we are going to be able to make. All the flavor concentrated in the broth will pass to the stewed potatoes, the rice dishes "with things" and all the ragouts and traditional stews in which we use this broth, as for example in the recipe for meatballs with dark sauce that my mother taught me.

The meat broth, you can also do it very very slowly using the crock-pot, if you have this kitchen utensil, taking advantage of its slow cooking method to bring out the flavors of the food. Once this broth is made, or any of the previous ones, you can clarify them so that they are transparent and more appetizing.

Finally, within the meat broths, we cannot forget the cooked ones, made with meat, bones and legumes, to obtain an unforgettable broth, -in addition to the other vegetable and meat overturns-. We remind you that here you can see what kind of meat, bones and chickpeas to use to make a perfect traditional Madrid stew.

Starting from a good meat or chicken broth, -or a mixture of both- we can reduce and concentrate the flavors more, until we obtain an ideal dish, the classic Christmas consommé perfect to start any family gathering.

C) Vegetable broths

Vegetable broths are essential to make many dishes. Both the rice and risottos, the meatballs and many of those recipes that begin with the name of "potatoes with ..."They are much richer if we use a vegetable broth instead of cooking them with water. On the other hand, vegetable soups such as minestrone, julienne and many others, need this broth as a base.

To make a good vegetable broth, just cut the vegetables you want to use, which usually include onion, carrot, leek and celery among others, and cook them - usually after sautéing them for a few minutes - in water for about 20 minutes. Then the broth is strained, discarding the vegetables and you get that basic and tasty broth.

D) Fish broths

Fish broths are very useful for making rice dishes and seafood paellas, fish stews, dishes with green sauce and in general any stew to which we want to give that special and marine touch.

We can make a simple fish stock or stock simply by cooking some bones or bones and fish heads for about 20 minutes. It's simple and it always works out. Remember to say yes to the fishmonger when he offers you hake bones, turbot, roosters and other fish when you ask them to remove the loins.

If we prefer a more powerful broth, with which to make intense rice dishes, fish stews and memorable dishes, then I recommend making a fish broth based on whitebait, which will be ideal for making fish soups or seafood soups, caldero rice and many other rices.

You can also make a good fish broth using rock fish and vegetables, with which any fideuá, rice, fish soup or fish-based stew will always be delicious.

E) Seafood broths

Given the cost of seafood, we like to take advantage of its full potential and flavor. With prawns, prawns and other pieces, we can make great seafood broths that will come in handy to use in recipes that involve this ingredient or to make delicious soups. A good example, the shrimp stock made with Thermomix that you have on this paragraph, or the seafood broth made with shrimp heads and prawns that you have below.

With these seafood concentrates that are the broths, you can make a good seafood soup rice that will make you wave at home, a seafood soup or prepare the best shrimp croquettes in the world, enhancing its flavor as we tell you here.

F) Other broths

To finish this complete guide of broths, which includes the bases of their preparation and in which recipes you can use them, I have included other less common broths but that we like more and more. Coming from Asian cuisine, the dashi broth, made with Kombu seaweed and the miso soup, made from that broth, are excellent options to vary when we want to opt for different flavors.

Now that you have all the information about which broths are best to make your soups, stews and rice recipes, remember that it is very easy to make them at home, and that you can keep them well labeled in the freezer to have them available when you want to make any of the recipes that we have indicated. Enjoy your meal.

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