What cuts should you ask your butcher to make your barbecue more Argentine

If there is a country in the world where grilling meat is almost a religion, surely we will all think of Argentina. There the meat is masterfully roasted, organized roasted for any celebration and the best meat in the world is used, at least according to what they say. If you want to organize a good meeting around the coals, in addition to our tips for a perfect barbecue, these are the cuts you should ask your butcher to make your barbecue more Argentine.

Argentine cuts of meat and how to use them

There are many Argentine cuts of meat, but I have chosen the most characteristic ones to be able to enjoy a good barbecue or barbecue cooking the grilled meats. In addition to the description, I will tell you what piece is equivalent in our butchers, since the names are different.

1. Tira de asado or churrasco

The strip of asado or churrasco, is also called asado de tira and is one of the classic cuts in any Argentine barbecue. It consists of transversal cuts of the rib of the beef, so that instead of separating each cutlet, the meat is cut cross-sectionally, forming strips that have five or six bones inside.

It should be roasted facing the bones to the coals and then it is turned and finished. It can be taken as is or dipped in a mashed garlic and parsley or with the classic Argentine chimichurri.

2. Lid of the ring

It is also called picanha in its Brazilian name, and in Spain it is known as tapilla. It is a very tender cut of triangular shape, covered by a layer of fat that helps it stay very juicy after going through the grill. It is recommended to roast the whole piece and after roasting filleting to the taste and demand of the diners.

3. Chorizo ​​steak

Chorizo ​​steaks are the Argentine name for thick fillets of beef or beef loin. The so-called chorizo ​​steak has nothing to do with this sausage, despite the name. Equivalent to our steaks of high back, a very juicy part ideal for roasting on the grill.

4. Matambre

It is a thin, flat piece that is normally used for filling and roasting in the oven. The matambre roll is cut into slices showing its filling. It can also be cooked on the grill or barbecue that will give you the smoky touch of the coals, which is undoubtedly an extra flavor that everyone will appreciate.

5. Entraña

It is a classic Argentine cut that is already perfectly found in many supermarkets in our country and in online butchers. It is a meat that comes covered by a fiber or leather strip, which can be removed before roasting or roasted with it until it is crisp. In that second case, it is advisable to make a few small cuts to that layer so that it does not deform it by shrinking due to the heat of the coals.

6. Empty

The vacuum is a cut of meat located between the ribs and the hip sockets. It is a very juicy meat although it is somewhat hard to have enough fiber. This cut is very tasty even if it is not very tender, but cut in thin portions it is great to start the barbecue, after going through the coals or the grill.

7. Narrow steak

The narrow steak corresponds to our cut of low-loin steaks, which can be grilled with the bone, -our steaks- or without it, -our entrecots-. Its meat is very tender, due to its high content of infiltrated fat.

You can roast the whole piece and then cut the entrecots or cut them first and roast them already filleted. If you are going to roast the whole piece and then cut it, it is more comfortable to order them boneless. The flavor of this cut is quite pronounced so they will be a success.

8. Trowel or Popcorn

The popcorn, which in Spain is called Llana, is a small-sized cut, located in the front rooms of calves and cows. It is located near the shoulder, covering the humerus. This cut has a rectangular shape, and is sold covered in a whitish skin film that is removed before putting on the coals so that it does not shrink the meat.

9. Creole sausages

To finish, remember that in an Argentine barbecue, in addition to the aforementioned cuts of meat that I have told you about, it is essential that you also serve the so-called Creole sausages or Argentine sausages with a spicy touch and a color similar to our longanizas since they do not They have paprika like our chorizos.

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