What is Kefir

Many times we have heard of kefir or we have even bought some cheese or yogurt that has this ingredient in its preparation. But what really is kefir? Thanks to my friends Ana and Víctor from Caminar sin gluten, who have given me one, I reveal their secrets to you.

As you can see in the photo, it is a small soft mass, which resembles a piece of cauliflower or cotton. However, the technical definition is that kefir is a combination of probiotic bacteria and yeasts in a matrix of proteins, lipids and sugars. It is also known as Bulgarian or bird yogurt.

Kefir types

There are three types of kefir: milk, which is the most popular, water or Kombucha or tea kefir. The latter is not exactly a fungus; It has been used for centuries in Siberia and Russia.

The main difference between that of water and milk is conservation, since that of water is stored in the liquid element accompanied by sugar.

Its origins place it in the Caucasus and in Turkish it means blessing. It became popular in Europe at the beginning of the last century and little by little it was introduced into our diet and became known.

Among the benefits of kefir are attributed healthy properties such as cholesterol reduction, stomach protector, helps to improve intestinal rhythm and strengthens our defenses.

Milk kefir

Milk kefir mushroom, like mine, should be kept in fresh milk, in a closed container. However, it should not be full to the top, there should be a third of the bottle without milk, so that the air that remains in the container helps the transformation process.

We must be very careful if we want our kefir fungus to live, since we must change the milk every 24 hours. It can even freeze if we go on vacation, although it requires some extra care afterwards.

The kefir mushroom grows and we can chop it up to give to friends or family. If we do not have any acquaintances that you have, we can buy it in organic or herbal products stores.

Finally, with kefir we can make a wide range of preparations such as fermented milk, fruit smoothies, cream cheese or even homemade yogurt. In the next few days we will give you a recipe for you to try at home.

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