What is mirin


We see it named in many Japanese recipes, since mirin is a fundamental ingredient in many preparations of Japanese cuisine, of which, if we look for an equivalence with Western uses, we could say that it is something like our cooking wine, although something sweeter and with a very different base.

Mirin is a type of sake, sweet, with a low percentage of alcohol, and amber in color, which is used only for cooking. It is made with distilled sake (shochu) mixed with cooked glutinous rice and koji mushroom. This mixture, once settled and pressed, is filtered, obtaining the mirin. There are two very different types of mirin, the mirin-fuhmi, actually a synthetic preparation with an alcoholic concentration of 1%, and hon-mirin, which is prepared in a natural way and has 14% alcohol.

In addition to being used in many sauces (perhaps the best known are the yakitori and yuan sauces), we can see it in meat and fish recipes as part of marinades and dressings, or together with eggs and soy in the ingredients of the Japanese omelette. Do not be surprised if when you go to buy it you find it in very large containers, since it is used profusely in multiple recipes, making the smaller sizes insufficient. In my last purchase in an Asian store, I came home with a 1800 ml bottle, as there was no smaller one.

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