What happened to the white eggs?


Surely many of you will have noticed that there have been no more than brown eggs in stores and supermarkets for a long time. The other day I went to look for them for a recipe and I realized that it is not that there are more of some than others, it is that they have completely disappeared. So I have no choice but to throw the question into the air: what happened to the white eggs?

The first thing I have thought is that the brown eggs were better than the white ones, more nutritious, more resistant and stuff, and although I read somewhere that the white shells were more fragile, in principle the only thing that differentiates the two eggs is their color, so I had to find another explanation.

Researching the internet and asking family and friends, I have come to the conclusion that it was a business decision motivated by consumer habits: brown people sold much better than whites. Clarified since biodiversity died for corporate profit, we still have to know why people preferred brown eggs to pristine white ones.

As I said before, the two eggs are the same; its color only depends on the lineage of the hen, if they are white, the egg is white, if it is brown, brown. However, there is a notable difference between the two types of hens: the white ones are smaller and do not eat as much, so they fit more in the same hen house and spent less feed on top, although they laid smaller eggs.

This detail, together with the fact that the white wanted to convey an image of cleanliness and hygiene, meant that for a long time the majority of commercial eggs were white, while the brown ones were a rare bird that we enjoyed when our uncle from the town he would go down to the city with a basket full of them. Thus, in the popular imagination the association of the brown egg with the rich and natural was established, so that when choosing one or the other in the position it would be easier for us to choose the brown one, even if both came from a crowded farm.

There are also types of hens that lay turquoise eggs

It did not take long for merchants, distributors and producers to realize this differential fact, and they began to prevail one over the other and even advertise the brown ones as "natural", to the point that nowadays the rare thing is to find a white egg, no matter how much in our minds the eggs are still white.

At this point the only thing left is to affirm that we ourselves made the white eggs disappear. It is not that it is anything serious, rather the opposite, because it reflects the power that consumers have to change things.

For example, we have repeatedly denounced the poor conditions in which caged hens live and we have also explained how to identify an egg thanks to its ID, which informs us of how the hen that laid it lived and ate, if it was happy eating at outdoors or if she could at least step on the ground and eat cereal.

I have no doubt that if suddenly we all bought free-range or organic eggs and those of laying hens in cages were left on the shelves, the supermarket would already be in charge of having only those that are sold, and therefore the producer of only raising and feed your chickens in the right conditions.

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