What do supermarkets do with the food they don't sell? Only 9 of 28 respondents clarify it


Surely you have asked yourself this question on many occasions when you are on the shelves of a large area, or when when you leave a supermarket you see those large garbage containers. The figures are shocking, if every day in our country 21,000 tons of food are destroyed, 1,000 of them correspond and are the responsibility of the commercial distribution sector.

Well, the organization FACUA- Consumidores en Acción, has posed this question among several others to 28 food chains through a survey, there they were asked about what they do with the products they do not sell? Finally, only 9 of them they clarify it.

Among these 28, only Caprabo, Consum Cooperativa, Covirán, Dia, E.Leclerc, Eroski, Grupo El Corte Inglés, Lidl and Mercadona have provided information on what their corporate social policies were to donate those foods suitable for consumption and that remain without sell, to soup kitchens, food banks and other solidarity organizations instead of throwing them away. The rest have given the answer as silent.

Given this, FACUA has started a campaign under the slogan "Fight against supermarkets that waste food", it establishes two lines of action, on the one hand, the request to the Government and the Autonomous Communities so that by law it is prohibited that large food chains could throw away food that can still be consumed instead of donated, and that in case of non-compliance by them, there would be strong financial penalties for those companies that contribute to this waste.

On the other hand, that we, as consumers, ask supermarkets through writing or other methods demanding a reasonable social policy so that food suitable for consumption is not wasted when the doors of large food stores are closed every night.

The campaign includes a series of actions at the social network level using the #nolotires tag, as well as videos starring Dani Rovira, Raquel Martos and Manuel Tafallé, partners of the FACUA organization.

In addition to demanding that your supermarket avoid wasting food, you should also collaborate in it, so do not get lost through this video, because although it seems that they are obvious things, it is always good to remember them, how to better plan your basket of The purchase and thus contribute to practically no food in our house ends up in the garbage. If you are interested in seeing the complete report made by "FACUA- Consumidores en Acción" regarding this survey, you can consult it by clicking on this link.

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More information | FACUA
Directly to the Palate | Don't waste your food! Initiative so that supermarkets do not waste food

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