What Madrid Fusión has in store for us this year: 75 speakers, 55 Michelin stars (and only 9 women)


Next Monday, January 22, and for three days, Madrid will become the world capital of gastronomy. The Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid hosts the sixteenth edition of Madrid Fusión, which this year has as its motto: "Fourth generation: the owners of the future."

As usual, the meeting serves as an exposition of the latest gastronomic trends and will feature prominent speakers from the five continents, as well as a large Spanish representation.

The agenda is intense: in three days, 75 speakers, 150 exhibitors, 55 Michelin stars and more than 60 technical demonstrations will parade through the event, among many other parallel activities. It is a pity that not all the figures are equally positive: the total of 120 chefs who will pass through the Madrid Fusión stage, only 9 will be women.

What to see, what to do

Although not everyone can afford to pay the 250 euros it costs to attend the morning conferences of the Congress (in total 450 euros if you also attend the afternoon ones), the truth is that the presentations are of the highest level.

Japan will be the guest country this year and its cuisine will star in several conferences and workshops, among which are the presentations by Zaiyu Hasegawa, chef of the Tokyo restaurant Den, and Tomoya Kawada, famous for its millimeter cooking. There are also four guest cities: Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Tel Aviv and Lisbon, which will bring their best chefs.

But, despite the high international participation, this year the Spanish presence, which covers the afternoon sessions, is large. They will parade through the auditorium Quique Dacosta, Andoni L. Aduriz –who will make an exhibition together with the sommelier from Mugaritz, Guillermo Cruz), Mario Sandoval, Rodrigo de la Calle or Ángel León.

Contests and more contests

In addition to the presentations, Madrid Fusión also functions as a fair, with more than 150 exhibitors. Parallel to the talks, all kinds of workshops and activities are organized. And more than a dozen contests: croquettes, tapas, cocktails, sandwiches ... A whole amalgam of events that are completed with the parallel celebration of the 8th edition of the International Wine Congress, Enofusión and, The Drink Show, dedicated to the world of the cocktail bar.

Madrid Fusión will endorse in this edition, in which the most significant change is the sponsor, the commitments with which it began in 2003: to bring the latest trends in current cuisine to chefs and gastronomy professionals of the world, as well as serve as a forum for learning, knowledge and exchange.

In fifteen years, more than 600 chefs from the five continents have passed through the event, their attendance always exceeds 10,000 people and half a thousand journalists from various countries are responsible for covering it. There will be too Direct to the Palate to narrate what happened.

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