What do you want to ask the great chefs of the jury of the V Souk Contest of young cooks?


The truth is that we wanted to meet Darío Barrio at the V Souk Contest of young cooks, but apparently there is a last minute modification and this member of the jury will not attend the event.

In her place, chef Rosi García from the Ars Vivendi Restaurant in Majadahonda (Madrid) will be present.

We will attend this event and try to explain everything that happens there, we will also talk with some of the great chefs and ask them some questions that worry us.

It has occurred to us that you could also participate by providing us with questions that concern you about any of the chefs who will be present at the event, such as Elena Arzak, Alberto Chicote or Mario Sandoval himself, among others.

We will take note of all questions and try to get them answered.

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