Morbier cheese


Morbier cheese originates from the town with the same name located in the Jura, in the Franche-Comté region, northeast of France.

An area that, like its neighbor Switzerland, is famous for its cheeses and watches.

We can tell you little about watches. On the other hand, we can tell you about the origin of Morbier cheese that it is very curious. They will see. It has its beginnings in the process of making the other great cheese in the area: the Comté.

It seems that the farmers curdled the milk to make the Comté, and the raw material that was left over to complete a cheese was deposited at the bottom of buckets while waiting for the new milk to make a new batch. Meanwhile, the paste was covered with ashes to disinfect it and to keep insects away from it.

Thus, the resulting cheese that the farmers made for themselves with these leftovers, had in the middle a characteristic dark strip that was not if not those ashes that once acted as a phytosanitary. Today it is still made with the ash layer because this gives the cheese a unique flavor: between smoky and pungent.

Try it, it is a cheese that can be found both in large stores and in specialized establishments. They will tell me.


Area: Morbier / Jura / Franche-Comté / France Milk: Cow's milk Type: Raw pressed paste Crust: Yellowish, orange. Price: according to market

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