Savoie Reblochon Cheese


Reblochon de Savoie is a soft cheese that has been made since the 13th century in the Savoia area of ​​the French Alps.

Its origin and name is very curious. They will see.

In the Middle Ages, farmers had to pay a tax on the milk that the cows gave to their owners: monks and nobles. This tax was paid based on the liters of milk given by the daily milking session. So our farmers only had to stop milking the cow as soon as they thought they were paying enough. From here, the milk that remained on the animals' udders was milked at night, clandestinely.

That doubly creamy milk was excellent for making cheese.

This practice was called in "patois" "re-blocher", or pinching the cow a second time, alluding to that nocturnal "pollution".

Today Reblochon continues to be produced in the area and enjoys the protection of one of the oldest appellations of origin in France (AOC Reblochon de Savoie).

Basically you can find two types: the one made by the farmers themselves, reblochon "fermier", in which we will find a green label; and the reblochon "fruitier" or "laitier", that is, made in a dairy or other similar establishment ("fruitières"), with the red label. In addition, the label is printed with the manufacturer's number for full identification.

Made from cow's milk, a mixture of the three breeds of the area, this cheese is a true delight. Creamy and smooth, with a particularly velvety and subtle taste, without ammonia or harshness.

With a special characteristic, a slight taste of hazelnuts. Curious right?

Try it and you will tell me.

Reblochon de Savoie

Area: Haute Savoie / Rhône-Alpes / France Milk: Cow's milk Type: Soft paste Crust: Yellowish, soft. Price: 7-8 euros

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