Recuit cheese from Fonteta


The Recuit de Fonteta is a cottage cheese type cheese that has been made by hand in the Empordà since ancient times. Quim Martell, in charge of the cheese factory that bears his name, collects the tradition from the hands of his ancestors and makes this recuit according to the traditional recipe of the town of Fonteta (Baix Empordà).

There are two types, cow's or goat's milk, both with the same elaboration: natural rennet, shake of the emulsion and lightly pressed with "drap" or cloth. Hence its other name; "recuit de drap" or "rag cottage cheese".

This cheese, with a creamy and soft paste, is usually eaten for dessert, alone or with various accompaniments; sugar, honey, jam, different types of jams, fruits, canned figs, quince, chocolate.

There are even those who put it as an aperitif in combinations that are as risky as they are tasty, for example those that Ferran Adrià put on his first menus; smoothie and with anchovies (El Bulli).

But Casa Martell are not the only ones who make this artisan cheese. If you pass through the area, be sure to visit the Nuri in Ullastret; the Recuits de l’Empordà in Peralada, or Recuits Lluïsa in Mont-ras.

The combinations with the wine can be varied, although in my opinion the wines that suit you best are the typical fortified wines from l'Empordà based on the Moscatell variety. A good example of these wines is Sinols Moscatell from the Empordàlia winery (former Cooperativa Pau-Roses).

Enjoy it.

Recuit de Fonteta

Area: Fonteta / Baix Empordà / Catalonia Milk: Cow's or Goat's milk Type: Cottage cheese Bark: without bark, with cloth. Price: 2-3 euros

More information | Recuits de Fonteta-Casa Martell Directly to the Paladar | Empordàlia Sinols Moscatell 2006

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