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Thanks to the quality of the milk, the region's cheese tradition and the different types of cheeses that are made throughout the Andalusian geography, the Andalusian cheese sector is developing initiatives aimed at obtaining quality labels that protect them in the markets and offer consumers trustworthy identifiers when selecting the cheeses made in Andalusia.

Consumers are increasingly looking for quality, both organoleptic and nutritional, of products, associating these adjectives with modes of production, materials used, customs, territories ... These excellence are related to quality seals endorsed by certification bodies, which based on to a specification, they recognize elements that contribute to the differentiation of the product, such as the characteristics of the raw materials, the parameters of the production process or the final presentations.

Andalusian Cheese with Certified Quality is a pressed, cured or semi-cured goat cheese made from raw or pasteurized milk, and that is marketed under a specific format, discoidal, whose diameter will range between 12 and 18 cm and not being able to exceed 7 cm in height. The bark is hard, the color can vary from light yellow to brown.

The artisan character of the production process, the extensive and semi-extensive exploitation models, in which the animals take advantage of natural resources, which provide a great diversity of flavors and nuances to the product, compliance with strict quality specifications result in a product only.

Andalusia's artisan cheese sector has made a great effort to achieve official recognition of Andalusian artisan cheeses. As a result of this, it has been possible to obtain the “Certified Quality” mark from the Junta de Andalucía. It is a quality mark that certifies a product (cured or semi-cured goat cheese) that meets common requirements set out in its corresponding Specifications. This specification establishes specifications regarding the phases of production, transformation, marketing and presentation of the product, and includes principles based on respect for the environment, animal welfare and traditional Andalusian production techniques.

The specifications for obtaining the brand require compliance with strict quality specifications, establishing parameters much more demanding than those established by current legislation. It is a unique product, made under specific controls, endorsed by an external control body recognized by the Junta de Andalucía, for the certification of Andalusian goat cheeses that are marketed with the “Certified Quality” mark.

In short, the Andalusian Certified Quality seal in Andalusian cheeses is a strategy that, while having a real impact on improving the quality of the cheese, plays a crucial role in the differentiation of this product within the complexity of the current market. .

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