Leek, onion and bacon quiche. Recipe

Last Saturday I told you about how to make a salty shortcrust pastry and today I want to show you one of its applications, a quiche with leeks, onion and bacon. For this recipe I made the special dough for quiches, which has grated cheese and cream in its composition as novelties.

The ingredients are 5 fat leeks, 1 medium onion, 150 grams of bacon, 100 grams of cheese in cubes, 500 grams of liquid cream, 3 eggs, salt, pepper, nutmeg, sugar and vinegar. We will start by cleaning and cutting the leeks into slices about half a centimeter. Then we put it in boiling water for about 10-15 minutes, until it is cooked correctly.

While the leek is cooking, we will cut the onion into half julienne and proceed to poach it over medium heat with a little salt to help it release the water. When it is soft and transparent we add two tablespoons of sugar and a splash of vinegar and let it reduce.

When we have the onion at its point, that is, when the vinegar has reduced and the sugar has caramelised a little, we pass it through the Chinese to remove traces of water and make it very dry. Finally, we cut the bacon into small strips and fry it, we separate it by removing the excess water.

When the leek is finished cooking, strain it and mix with the rest of the ingredients. We beat the three eggs separately and mix the cream. It is important not to beat the eggs inside the cream because we would be adding air to the mixture and in the oven it could swell and not curdle well. Rectify with salt and add pepper and nutmeg to the point.

With the dough already cooked, as I indicated in the post of preparation of the same, fill to the edge and cook for 25-30 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 ºC.

The best way to calculate the time, since it depends on the thickness of the quiche, is that you take a look at the center of the quiche and press lightly (without burning) and it has to be curdled, not soft. It should also be slightly golden on top.

I encourage you to make quiches of the most varied ingredients. Children like it a lot and we can add ingredients that they don't usually eat separately.

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