Quique Dacosta joins #TwitterCocina and surprises with the improvisation of five great dishes

Yesterday afternoon the fifth edition of #TwitterCocina was held, a live showcooking broadcast through Periscope for the tweet universe. After passing through a restaurant, a television set, a home kitchen and a workshop, #TwitterCocina chose to stay in the capital and, for this, chose the gastronomic space A Punto - Centro Cultural del Gusto.

As we have told you in previous chronicles, through #TwitterCocina great chefs of the Spanish gastronomic scene are put to the test by spectators, who are encouraged to participate by sending suggestions, questions, comments and requests. It is a program that is built on the fly, that you know how it begins, but not how it will end.

Quique Dacosta joins #TwitterCocina

The protagonist of this fifth edition of #TwitterCocina, which you can see in full at this link, was chef Quique Dacosta, who traveled from his restaurant in Denia to Madrid ready to face any gastronomic predicament that the tweeters could subject him to.

Dacosta arrived with the batteries on. Loaded with products from his adopted land, he took them out of his briefcase in true Mary Poppins style. Cuttlefish roe, semi-dry octopus, kiquats, limquats, kale, red chard, cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, sea bass, sea bream, oysters and many other products decorated his workspace and the display of so much beauty made those present begin to salivate .

Five great dishes the fruit of improvisation

Quique Dacosta improvised a surprising first course, called broccoli suquet, while talking about how to treat the product in the most appropriate way. In this case, and answering one of the questions posed by showcooking fans, the chef explained that steaming for between three and four minutes is his preferred way of treating broccoli as it allows it to evolve organoleptically in an optimal way.

On a base of leek yolks cooked in water, he assembled the steamed broccoli heads and some boiled potato spheres and bathed the whole with a base made up of garlic, almonds, chard and broccoli smoothie and green curry. And voila! The result in sight is impressive and impeccable.

Quique Dacosta's inspiration to create dishes like this, which is a complete and utter twist on the traditional fish suquet, comes from his love for vegetables and local cuisine stews. Seen this way, since the suquet is a dish that is very present in the chef's daily life, it is very easy for us to understand the origin of this "broccoli" version.

Once he had taken a run and completed the first creation, Quique launched into preparing a second dish in which the kale was the central axis. Three different textures, the result of treating this vegetable with three different cooking, blanching, frying and dehydration, which he combined with a mayonnaise, or emulsion, of oysters that left us open-mouthed.

As if this had not been enough, the chef changed his third and opted for preparing a semi-brined fish that, although it reminds us of ceviche, because it is eaten raw and with a spoon, Quique qualifies as pickled. The preparation based on poached onion, bay leaf, yellow pepper, hot pepper and stock leaves no room for doubt. And to further embellish the dish, an air of its own juice.

The fourth dish, provoked by the suggestion of using red chard by some of the spectating tweeters, consisted of a cover of cuttlefish roe, leaves and stalks of red chard, steamed, with a touch of limquat. The showcooking closed with a master lesson on traditional Valencian cuisine and a semi-dry octopus on the flame as the protagonist.

In addition to these five improvised dishes, Quique gave us a great deal of cooking advice and many resources that, without a doubt, are well worth incorporating into our kitchens. With Dacosta we bid farewell to the fifth edition of #TwitterCocina with a lot of culinary wisdom and a great desire to enjoy the next showcooking that will take place in March.

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