Rafa Peña de Gresca, first session at Madrid Fusión


Madrid Fusión opened its doors on January 21 at 3:30 p.m. It is the first hours and not all the congressmen nor the entire press have arrived, naturally, the speakers also make themselves wait. So the day begins with the least shocking, with respect to the pedagogical level in the new techniques, but always valuable, now you will see why.

The “Bistronomic” concept (economic bistrots) is the new concept of urban restaurant, informal but serious and a friend of the avant-garde. Calamar has already shown us one of these establishments, the Gresca, and its chef and owner was the one who inaugurated the VI International Summit of Gastronomy.

Gresca presented us with the work that he carries out in his bistro with the dishes from the menu that he served the week before, a menu that he offers for 18 euros and that has haute cuisine dishes at a low price, naturally using inexpensive raw materials to avoid losing quality.

He began by developing the Soufflé Egg made with the whites mounted that were introduced in transparent film. Inside the whites the yolk was hidden, the film was closed with kitchen string and cooked in the Roner at 70ºC, tied to a weight so that it did not come to the surface.

Then he drew up some Peas with cod (with cod tripe) with cod emulsion, hot paprika and dill. Rafa Peña commented during the preparation that at noon they look more for the meaning of the bistro than the gastronomic one, always based on what the market can offer, so their menu will depend on the raw material, we repeat, of quality but cheaper to provide the diner with a simple but well prepared dish.

A Thyme-flavored mackerel and toasted with the kitchen torch, was his next preparation. The fish was accompanied by a jam of peppers and poached vegetable juice. To finish making the mackerel, a blow of the oven and that's it.

The Lacquered pork mask with tomato bread It was very original, after marinating the mask with paprika, garlic and herbs, the cooking over low heat and for the tomato bread use the leftover bread from the previous day crushed in Thermomix with olive oil, garlic, tomato and tomato powder ( for this use the tomato remains, cuts that are not used for other preparations, seeds and skins).

For dessert a striking and powerful Coca de Roquefort with lychees and apple, elegant and apparently delicious. There is no doubt that this young chef knows what he is doing and includes the tightest pockets in his cutting edge cuisine, which is also appreciated.

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