Tartufo ravioli. Homemade pasta recipe with and without Thermomix

I was a bit lazy to prepare fresh pasta, I did not have very good memories of the previous time when I decided to make it, but since I am stubborn and I really wanted to try this recipe for tartufo ravioli I have bundled the blanket to the head and have tried again. Luckily, because the recipe is worth the effort.

I advise you to take small portions of dough as you stretch it out and keep the rest in a bag, so that it does not dry out too much. If you do not find fresh truffle you can use packaged truffle and flavor with its juice.


For 6 people
  • Wheat flour 415 g
  • Eggs 4
  • Extra virgin olive oil 35 g
  • Grated fresh black truffle 50 g
  • Grated Parmesan cheese 50 g
  • Curd 250 g
  • Butter 40 g
  • Ground black pepper
  • Water 1500 g
  • Salt
  • Liquid cream 200 g

How to make tartufo ravioli with and without Thermomix

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 2 h 5 m
  • Elaboration 2 h
  • Cooking 5m

To make the dough with Thermomix, put 400 g of flour, eggs and 20 g oil in the glass and knead 2 min / speed spike. If we don't have a Thermomix, we put those ingredients in a bowl and knead them until they are all well integrated. We form a ball with the dough, put it in a plastic bag and reserve it in the fridge for 15 minutes while we prepare the filling.

To make the filling with Thermomix, put 15 g of grated truffle, 20 g of grated Parmesan, the cottage cheese, 20 g of butter and a pinch of pepper in the glass. Mix 15 sec / speed 3. To make the filling without Thermomix, put these ingredients in a bowl and beat them with an electric mixer. Then we remove to a pastry bag and reserve.

On a floured surface and with the rolling pin or with the pasta machine, we stretch the dough into sheets. In a sheet we are putting piles of filling the size of a walnut and we paint with water around it. We cover with another sheet of spread pasta. We press around the filling and cut with a ravioli cutter in a circular shape. We are reserving the ravioli on a floured surface.

To make the sauce with Thermomix, put 20 g of butter, 15 g of oil in the glass and add 15 g of flour around the blades. Sauté 3 min / Varoma / speed 1. Add 50 g of water, the cream and a pinch of pepper and program 5 min / 100º / Speed ​​2. Add 15 g of the reserved grated truffle and mix 10 sec / speed 3. To make the sauce without Thermomix, heat the butter and oil in a saucepan and sauté the flour. Add the rest of the ingredients and let it heat, stirring continuously until it thickens slightly. Finally we add the grated truffle and mix.

We put salted water to boil and cook the ravioli in batches for about 5 minutes. We distribute the ravioli on the plates, sprinkle with the sauce and sprinkle with the rest of the truffle. We serve immediately accompanied by grated Parmesan cheese.

With what to accompany the tartufo ravioli

Do you know what they say in Italy? That the sauce waits for the pasta but not the other way around. I always follow this advice and this tartufo ravioli recipe has been no exception. In this way the dish reaches the table with all its qualities. Serve them piping hot and sprinkle them with grated cheese at the last minute.

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