Recipe for courgettes stuffed with bonito

I have been making the recipe for courgettes stuffed with bonito for a long time and it all started with wanting to satisfy my boy and my little brother at the same time, so that they both had a dish that they liked but with ingredients to their liking, and from that came my recipe that has already been fixed for some years.

If any of the ingredients do not convince you, you can vary it with total freedom since this is one of those recipes that admit a thousand and a few variants, without damaging the result and all of them are delicious because having a good quality base, there is no possible fault.


For 2 persons
  • Zucchini 2
  • Canned tuna from the north 50 g
  • Carrot 0.5
  • Onion 0.5
  • Colored peppers 0.5
  • Basil 5 g
  • Concentrated tomato 30 g
  • Dried oregano 5 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil 10 ml
  • Mozzarella cheese 50 g

How to make bonito stuffed zucchini

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 2 h
  • Elaboration 1 hour
  • Cooking 1 hour

We heat the oven to 180º. We wash, dry and open the zucchini lengthwise in half. We make a cut with the help of a lace around the inner contour without reaching the skin and also transverse lines in the same way. Place the four halves on a lightly greased baking dish and cook for 30 minutes.

With the help of a spoon we remove the meat from the zucchini without breaking the shell, we chop it and reserve. In a large saucepan, heat a little olive oil. Sauté the carrot, onion and chopped pepper. When everything is well poached, add the drained bonito and the meat of the zucchini. We let it do for five minutes. We salt slightly.

Add the natural tomato and leave a couple more minutes for the flavors to mix. We rectify the salt if necessary and add a little basil and oregano to taste.Fill the zucchini with this mixture, cover them with pieces of mozzarella and cheese to gratin and bake for 30 minutes. We serve immediately.

With what to accompany the courgettes stuffed with bonito

We take the courgettes stuffed with bonito as our only dish. To accompany I serve a varied salad of sprouts with tomatoes and a soft white wine to complete the meal, I assure you that you do not need more at the table than a little bread to push if you feel like it.

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