How to make Brazilian steak

The Brazilian steak is the feast of roasting meat on the coals of Brazil. Although in Spain and in other countries we can call a certain cut of meat churrasco, the Brazilian churrasco recipe is the recipe for learning how to roast different cuts of meat, usually strung on a skewer. Churrasco in Brazil would be the equivalent of roast, barbecue or barbecue and is not a reference to a certain cut of meat.

Many are the countries that are vying for the honor of being the best when it comes to roasting meat. Both Argentine, Chilean and Paraguayan roasts made in the barbecue or grill, as well as BBQ parties Americans and their barbecues have popularized this way of roasting meat, spreading it throughout the world. Today we will learn how churrasco is made in Brazil.

Characteristics of the Brazilian steak

The usual way to prepare the Brazilian steak is to skewer the meat on a stake or skewer, season it with coarse salt and put it to the love of fire. For this, different cuts of meat are usually used, which once roasted are shared by all, so that each one tastes a little of each piece.

This popular formula of roasting meat has been extended to some restaurants that practice this system and they distribute it punctured in the large skewers. The waiter walks around the room and serves each person a piece of the meat they want, cutting it on the spot. This is called the rodizio system.

Although there is debate about whether it should be grilled or near the fire, if it is better to use wood or charcoal or if you have to add salt at the beginning or it is better not to put salt until you finish roasting, my experience in the years I lived in South America it is as follows: To make a Brazilian steak, they usually prepare an marinade, lightly season the meat with it and skewer it in skewers. Afterwards, they were roasted to taste and served by chopping the meat for each one.

Unlike the way of roasting in other regions of South America where it is usual to put the whole pieces of meat on the grill, and keep it away from the fire -or elevated so that it cooks slowly-, in Brazil I always saw that the meat churrascos they are prepared in skewers placed on a grill near the coals. This way of roasting can be easily reproduced at home both on the BBQ, on the grill or in the oven.

The best cuts of meat for the churrasco

The most appreciated cut is the picanha or picaña, -also called tapilla or tapa de cuadril in other areas of the world-, the piece that you have on these lines, with which we have elaborated the steak and the photos in this post. It is a fantastic cut of meat, with a layer of fat on top that is excellent for roasting in the oven, for making steaks and of course for cooking on the grill or on the grill.

It is also customary to roast other succulent cuts such as the emptiness -empty-, the maminha, -a cut of the back room-, or the counterfilé -Entrecot-, which are also roasted skewered after cutting them into pieces of good size.

In addition, as in other international roasts, pork chorizo ​​and ribs, chicken meat, goat meat or lamb are used, cooked marinated or natural, which are left to brown on the grill or barbecue.

The marinade for the Brazilian steak

It is common to prepare a marinade to season, marinate or varnish the meat. To make the Brazilian marinade, mix two tablespoons of salt, 1 tablespoon of sweet paprika, 2 teaspoons of ground black pepper, 1 teaspoon of oregano, 1 tablespoon of Provencal herbs and 1 teaspoon of ground cumin. To these aromatics a couple of garlic cloves is usually added and optionally, very chopped onion.

With all these ingredients a marinade is made to season the meat, or a marinade can be prepared by adding oil to the indicated ingredients, leaving the meat to soak for a while, before roasting it. The marinade can also be used to coat the meat occasionally as it roasts.

How to make Brazilian steak

Prepare the marinade for churrasco and let it rest while preparing the meats. Cut the picanha into pieces and thread them into the skewers as seen in the previous photos. Prepare other spits with chorizo ​​and other cuts of meat that you want to include in the barbecue party.

Lightly coat the meat with oil and sprinkle with the marinade. Grilling the meat on the barbecue grill once the coals are ripe with a grayish color. Avoid the direct flame so that you do not burn the meat leaving it raw inside.

It can also be roasted at home, cooking the meat in the central area of ​​the oven, placing the skewers on the rack. While the meat is roasting at 180º, the skewer must be turned several times. The time will depend on the taste of the diners and the thickness of the pieces.

If you want to make it in a ribbed frying pan, grill or carmel, the result is also very good, so you should not miss this way of cooking meat, since the Brazilian steak leaves the pieces golden and very juicy inside.

With what to accompany the Brazilian steak

Brazilian churrasco is usually served accompanied by potato salads, cooked cassava and vegetable salads such as tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and other green leaves. We can also serve it with fried potatoes or with a tomato and avocado salad to refresh ourselves. The Brazilian steak is an authentic delight that is very easy to eat thanks to this system of broiling on skewers or spit.

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