Halloween pumpkin cream recipe

In the same way that anyone can dress up as a ghost to celebrate Halloween, any cream can be masked to make it more festive and appetizing, for example for children. This Halloween pumpkin cream has little difference with what we can eat on any Thursday, just like even in disguise, we are all still the same.

The trick is to find some old rags with which to turn it into a party, and yes, take the opportunity to add nutritious ingredients that otherwise our little ones would never consider eating.

Ingredients for four or six people

400 gr. pumpkin (in halves or whole), 250 gr. carrots, 180 gr. of leeks, 400 gr. potatoes, 5 cloves of garlic, several slices of thin sliced ​​bread, a liter of poultry broth, olive oil, salt and pepper.

How to make Halloween pumpkin cream

We empty the pumpkin with the help of a knife or a scoop, to form a bowl or tureen. We cook the pumpkin meat in poultry broth together with the peeled carrots, the potatoes in cachelos and the clean leeks, cut into very thin slices. We add five cloves of garlic, 100 ml. of oil, salt and pepper. We can cook everything in a quick pot or a normal casserole, the times will vary, from 12 minutes in the first case to 45 minutes in the second.

Once cooked, we blend with a mixer, regulating the amount of liquid to obtain the desired texture, more or less thick. We make a template using baking paper with eyes and an evil smile, transfer it to the slices of bread and fry them in olive oil, letting the oil drain well.

We present the cream using the empty pumpkin as a tureen, and place the fried bread side on it. We use the rest of the faces to decorate each of the dishes.

Processing time | 50-90 minutes
Difficulty | low


It has not been difficult to find a costume for this Halloween pumpkin cream, which is sure to amaze the little ones at the table. We can transfer the idea to any time of the year in which we want to offer a different table. If you want ideas to dress up, you can visit our sister blog Compradicción, where you will find good proposals.

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