Asparagus asparagus with egg recipe, traditional Jerez recipe


I discovered this recipe for asparagus spread with egg in Telva magazine and I wrote it down on slopes, because I thought we would like it. I was not wrong, this asparagus stew is quick to prepare and it tastes delicious.

It is a Jerez recipe, although it can be found throughout Andalusia. As one of my favorite hobbies is looking for wild asparagus, let's see if next time I can prepare it with the ones I find, I'm sure it will be even better.


For 4 people
  • Wild asparagus 3 bunches
  • Extra virgin olive oil 75 ml
  • Garlic cloves 2
  • Slice of bread 2
  • Sweet paprika 10 g
  • Vinegar 15 ml
  • Chicken soup 500 ml
  • Eggs 4

How to Make Asparagus Spread with Egg

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 45 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • Cooking 30 m

We start by cleaning the asparagus and removing the hard part of the stem. We chop and reserve them. In a saucepan we fry the whole and peeled garlic cloves. When they are lightly browned, remove and reserve. We do the same with bread.

We crush the garlic, the fried bread, the paprika and the vinegar. In the same casserole we fry the asparagus, add the previous mash and the broth. Cover and let everything cook over low heat for a few minutes.

We cook water with a splash of vinegar.We break the eggs one by one, adding them to the boiling water for a few minutes, until the white is set but the yolk is raw. With care, we transfer them to a bowl with cold water. Serve the asparagus with the eggs.

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