Asparagus recipe with broken eggs


Although there are people who deny it, much of the pleasure that food gives us is not felt by taste, but by other senses such as smell and sight, that is why sometimes a good presentation is essential for a dish to be attractive and palatable.

In the first stay, a recipe for asparagus with broken eggs is not something that will drive you crazy, but when I saw the photo in the book of 200 simple recipes I had an irrepressible craving and I had no choice but to cook it and pray for that my snapshot was at least half as succulent.

Ingredients for 2 people

180gr of green asparagus (half a bunch), 2 eggs, grana or Parmesan cheese, salt, oil and pepper.

How to make asparagus with broken eggs

I think you all imagine how to prepare this recipe, but in order not to lose the forms, here is the step by step well explained.

The first thing is to wash the asparagus and trim the base. Then we blanch them for two minutes in a saucepan with boiling salty water, drain them twice and dry them. We heat the grill and cook them until they are tender, but without losing that crunchiness. Be careful with the different thicknesses, as some will be ready before others.

While the asparagus is slightly cooled to be eaten, we fry the eggs in a pan with the very hot oil. You have to get the tips to brown without making the yolk - it has come out halfway for me - so that it looks appetizing and it can break and flood the dish with its color.

Finally, we sprinkle some parmesan shavings and a pinch of freshly ground pepper and we have our asparagus with broken eggs ready to eat. It is essential to accompany with a good churrusco of bread.

Processing time | 10 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


I don't know if this recipe for asparagus with broken eggs looks good enough in the photo, but on the plate it makes you salivate while you're setting the table. Then it does not disappoint, as asparagus and eggs have always gotten along very well and make good crumbs with bread.

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