Hake kokotxas recipe in green sauce

I have kokotxas. Thus, whispering in my ear, my mother communicated the Sunday menu to me on my last visit to her home. A little with the underground of the trafficker, a little with the illusion of a magician king on the eve. She knows how much I like hake kokotxas in green sauce, and at that time I was aware that my last experience with this dish had been a failure.

So on Sunday I put on my apron to enjoy the fun of linking the sauce, because at my mother's house she reigns in the kitchen, but the kokotxas are always my business.

Ingredients for six people

A kilo of hake kokotxas, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, five large garlic cloves, a dried chilli pepper and salt.

Preparation of hake kokotxas in green sauce

This recipe is very simple, you just have to keep in mind some commandments for it to be successful.

  • The casserole must be low and of a diameter that allows the kokotxas to be loose in it. It is better to cook them in two pots than to accumulate them all in one.
  • The kokotxas must be well drained, and if they have been frozen, scrupulously respect the thawing process, which will be carried out slowly and in the refrigerator.
  • Take care that the kokotxas are not overcooked, otherwise they will be dry and will not bind well.

Peel the garlic and chop finely. We cut four chilli slices and reserve. In a low saucepan, heat a finger of oil, add the chopped garlic and the chilli slices and let them cook for a minute or two. Garlic must "dance" in the oil with little frying and always keeping its white color.

At that point we remove the saucepan from the heat and place the kokotxas in the hot oil with the skin up. When all the kokotxas are in the casserole, salt them, sprinkle with chopped parsley, put on the fire and cook for a few minutes, moving the casserole so that the heat reaches all the pieces. This step is carried out outside the fire to avoid that while we are placing all the pieces the first ones are made in excess and the last ones are little done. Kokotxas should only change color with light cooking.

We remove the casserole and let it lose temperature for about ten or fifteen minutes. This is the secret for the sauce to blend well, taking advantage of the jelly from the kokotxas. That is why this well-made dish does not need the help of flour or any thickener (a real sin).

After that time, you have to link the sauce. For this we will have a free counter on which we will place the casserole, we stand in front of it with our legs open, and taking the casserole with both hands, we begin to move it making circles until we see how the sauce begins to thicken. The movements must be constant. The sauce will be bound when it presents a light pomade appearance, a color between light green and yellow, and the transparency of the oil has given way to the opacity of the fish gelatin.

Once well linked, the temperature is hit to the fire, just a few moments without stopping to move and we serve immediately.

Processing time | 40 minutes
Difficulty | half


Traditionally, the hake kokotxas in green sauce are cooked in a clay pot and served in individual or plated casseroles. But it is not essential, since they cook very well in a metal casserole.

A white wine will be a good accompaniment to this delicious snack, dipping the sauce in bread is not only allowed, it is almost mandatory.

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