Easy, quick and refreshing mussels vinaigrette recipe


The mussels vinaigrette recipe is a preparation that I always remember at home. Especially if there was a special meal or celebration, and they were taken as part of a variety of starters for the occasion. Along with anchovies it is one of my favorite snacks.

The picadillo can undergo some variations, although I've always seen the one that I present in my recipe. There are other people who prefer to put tomato or even peas in it. This is the way that I know and that I like the most. The type of vinegar that I recommend is white, but also to taste: wine, apple, cider, etc.


For 2 persons
  • Mussels 12
  • Leaf laurel 1
  • Water
  • Red pepper 0.5
  • Italian green pepper 1
  • Medium chives 1
  • Salt
  • Apple vinager
  • Extra virgin olive oil

How to make mussels vinaigrette

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 30 m
  • Elaboration 30 m

We clean the mussels very well of beards and dirt. In a low saucepan we put water that covers the bottom and the laural sheet. Let it boil, place the mussels and steam them. We take out a colander and remove the part of the empty shell, leaving only the one with meat. We wait for them to cool down.

We wash, dry and finely chop the peppers and chives. We mix everything in a bowl and season it to taste with a little salt, apple cider vinegar or wine and extra virgin olive oil. Cover the mussels with the vegetable vinaigrette and serve immediately or refrigerate for a while.

With what to accompany the mussels in the vinaigrette

The mussels vinaigrette recipe is a summer classic in many houses. They can be taken as an aperitif or starter, or as a fresh starter on a summer day. Of course, I recommend accompanying it with a good white wine from my land such as Ribeiro or Albariño.

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