Lactose Free Homemade Custard Recipe (As Delicious As Grandmothers Make)

I have a habit of finishing each meal with plain yogurt, so when I make a dessert they are almost always "biting". But the truth is that I love the spoon desserts of a lifetime, and from time to time I indulge in making homemade custard without lactose that brings me back to childhood.

How do you make custard without lactose? It does not have much mystery; It is a dairy dessert to which we only have to find a suitable substitute. The commercialized milk without lactose actually does contain lactose, but lactase is added so that the intolerant can digest it well. If we are looking for 100% lactose-free custard, the best are the vegetable options, and I usually use a light soy drink.


For 4 people
  • Lactose-free milk or soy milk or drink 600 ml
  • Vanilla bean 1
  • Cinnamon stick 1
  • Egg 2
  • Yolk 2
  • Sugar 80 g
  • Cornstarch 10 g
  • Pinch
  • Ground cinnamon to taste
  • Caramelized biscuit to taste (optional)
  • Hazelnuts to taste (optional)

How to make homemade custard without lactose

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 30 m
  • Elaboration 5m
  • Cooking 25 m
  • Repose 1 hour

We can use any other vegetable drink to our liking, although in this type of desserts there are some that can affect the flavor - which does not have to be a negative thing -, such as almond or oatmeal. It is a matter of finding the one that we like the most; I usually take a specific brand of soy milk at home, mild in flavor, and use it in desserts for the whole family.

The first thing is to flavor the milk or vegetable drink. Put the milk in a saucepan on the fire with the vanilla open -through a longitudinal cut- and the cinnamon stick. If the pod is very large and well aromatic, we can only use half. Heat over low heat and set aside from the heat just before it boils. Remove the aromatics.

Besides, beat the eggs and yolks - better to use free-range chickens - with the sugar, cornstarch and salt. When there are no lumps, add to the milk and return to the fire. Heat on low temperature, stirring constantly without boiling, until thick.

The final time may vary depending on the type of milk or the size of the eggs; It also depends on the final consistency that we like in the custard. Also keep in mind that when it cools it will thicken more. You can have a plate in the freezer and add a few drops to see if it has curdled to your liking.

Divide into bowls - 4 generous servings come out or 6 smaller - passing it through a sieve or strainer if we want to ensure a fine texture. Let cool slightly before storing in the fridge. Serve with the typical Maria biscuit, or crushed caramelized biscuits, ground cinnamon and chopped hazelnuts, to taste.

With what to accompany the custard without lactose

The accompaniment of some rich homemade custard without lactose can go beyond the typical decoration of a biscuit maria to what we can think of. At home we love giving it that touch of crushed caramelized cookie, and I like to vary with chopped dried fruit. They also make a good match with crispy waffles and fresh fruit, although they don't really need anything else. If we have them for dessert, in my case you can not miss a good espresso coffee.

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