Recipe for bread with tomato and garlic confit and Iberian ham from Guijuelo


Why do ham, tomato, and bread always work so well when mixed together? As we all already know the typical recipe for "pan tumaca" (called in Catalonia as "pa amb tomàquet"), rub a tomato on a toasted bread and accompany if you want with a slice of ham, I have thought that doing it in a different way it would give very good result as well as rich.

I have taken advantage of the fact that the ingredients are very common and they are sold in all markets. Tomatoes, garlic, Iberian ham from Guijuelo, plus extra virgin olive oil, thyme, basil, salt, sugar. And since there are always stomachs with an appetite and pleasant palates that appreciate what is delicious, I am about to make the Sunday pintxo.

For 4 toasts: 2 large tomatoes, 4 beautiful garlic, 100 grams of Iberian ham, olive oil (I have used extra virgin Arbequina variety), sherry vinegar, thyme and basil (better on the branch), a pinch of salt and a little sugar. Ah! Of course, the bread.

The procedure is simple, very simple. The tomatoes must first be poached in boiling water. A cross cut is made at the bottom and about 40 seconds in the water. They are then peeled, ginned and chopped. In a baking dish, place the tomato, the garlic with the skin and half cover with olive oil and a drizzle of sherry vinegar. Add the thyme and the basil branch, sprinkle the salt and sugar (to correct the acidity of the tomato). Place in the oven at 150 ºC for approximately one or until the tomato is dry. When ready, remove and chop with the knife into small pieces.

On the other hand, toast the bread. The candied garlic will be very soft and will have lost all the heat. The flavor they have is incredible, spreading them on the bread. This way you can only eat and you will not lose any experience. But hey, we will add the chopped tomato and some slices of the ham (in my case, freshly cut).

Overall it has a slightly bittersweet flavor due to the confit tomato compote. The garlic gives it a very admirable aftertaste. And the ham, presence, intensity and body to the toast.

Take advantage!

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