Stone pizza recipe with Iberico, broad beans and Idiazabal

I have discovered a fabulous utensil for the oven, it is a stone to bake bread and as pizza is a type of bread, better than better. To release it, I have made a pizza with Iberian ham, broad beans and Idiazabal cheese.

The stone is a utensil made of stoneware that distributes heat evenly, making better use of the energy of the oven. It also absorbs moisture from the dough, thus obtaining lighter and crisp crusts.

Ingredients for a 4 person pizza

  • For the dough 250 grams of flour (I have used strength today), 5 grams of instant baker's yeast, 125 ml of water, 15 ml of olive oil and 5 grams of salt.
  • Today I have put 4 tablespoons of crushed tomato, oregano to taste, 50 grams of Iberian ham, 100 grams of Idiazabal cheese and 4 tablespoons of natural baby broad beans.

How to make a stone pizza

We make the dough as on previous occasions. We start by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl and go on to knead for about 7 minutes. We let it ferment until it doubles in volume and we knead it again so that it deflates.

With the floured table we spread it with the help of a roller giving it the shape we want. And it only remains to put the ingredients. We start with the tomato, we can put sauce on it too. We cut the ham into small slices and distribute them the same as we will do with the broad beans (the distribution). Finally we put slices of Idiazabal cheese. I have put the Aranburu that I told you about a few days ago, by the way I already have very little left, a pity.

We bake at 210 ºC with the preheated oven and with the stone inside the oven from the beginning. Very carefully we pass the pizza to the stone and leave it for about 15 minutes.

Processing time | 2 hours Difficulty | Easy


And I can attest to what I told you at the beginning, the stone pizza recipe with Iberico, broad beans and Idiazabal. When cooked with stoneware, a crunchy dough has remained at the base and much lighter than it is noticeable when eaten. All a delight.

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