Chicken Korma curry and peach jam recipe


You already know that I love recipes with an oriental touch, especially those based on massalas or spice blends we often call curry. Today I bring you a simple variation, a recipe for chicken with Korma curry with peach jam that will surely appeal to lovers of intense flavors and especially those who like me, like contrasts.

Korma curry is a mild variety of curry from India, which we can easily prepare at home. I accompanied it with basmati rice and gave it a special touch by adding a couple of tablespoons of homemade peach jam to add sweetish contrasts. The result, as you will see, an exquisite combination.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • For the stew: 4 chicken breast fillets, an onion, two carrots, a small green pepper, two chili peppers, 8 chopped walnuts, a can of coconut milk, 20 muscat raisins and two tablespoons of peach jam.
  • For the massala Korma: 8 tablespoons of coriander powder or coriander, 2 tablespoons of ground cumin, a dessert tablespoon of cloves, another of turmeric and another of cardamom seeds

How to Make Chicken Korma Curry and Peach Jam

We start by poaching the onion and carrot cut into small pieces in a pan. While it is done, we are preparing the homemade Korma-type curry powders, mixing the seeds well and grinding them in the mortar until obtaining a homogeneous powder.

We also chop the peppers and chilies and add them to the pan. Once everything is cooked, after about ten minutes over low heat, add the chicken breast cut into bite-size slices and brown them. When they start to take color, we cover them with our Korma powder mix, letting the spices toast while we stir all the ingredients.

Now is the time to add the walnuts and a can of coconut milk, or if we don't have it, we can substitute two thick Greek-type yogurts. As soon as we stir it, the sauce will become creamy and take on the yellowish color of turmeric.

Add the raisins that we will have rehydrated and let the whole cook for about five minutes. Before bringing it to the table, we add the two tablespoons of peach jam and stir to distribute it well in our stew, which will take on a more intense color.

Processing time | 25 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


I like to accompany this recipe for chicken with Korma curry and peach jam with basmati rice sprinkled with green pepper. This time I also brought to the table a peanut chutney so that anyone who wanted could be served a little aside, although it was not necessary since the stew was already tasty enough. I recommend you to try. You will not forget.

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