Chickpea stew with rice recipe

Appetizing, right? Well this is just the beginning, there is a full plate ...

For centuries the pot, the stew, the pot, have been the first dishes par excellence on the tables of many humble homes.

In many homes, this is still the case, and this is great, since it is a very balanced dish. Yesterday I prepared this chickpea stew with rice, which I want to share with you, encouraging you to get into the kitchen and ... eat well.

Ingredients, for 4 people.

200 gr. pork meat (rib, jaw, lean ...), a piece of fresh bacon (optional), 2 white bones, 1 ham rind, 1 celery stick, 1 handful of green flat beans, 2 handfuls of rice, 172 kg . 1/2 kg. chickpeas and water.


The night before we put the chickpeas in a container covered with water, soak, overnight.

The next morning we fill a pot or pot with water, add the meat and wait for it to heat up. Soon a foam will appear on the surface of the pot, we remove it. When the foam no longer comes out (when it starts to boil, generally), add the celery and chickpeas. Cover the pot and cook until the chickpeas are tender.

In a pressure cooker it will be 1 hour and in a conventional pot a minimum of a couple of them. We open the pot and add the chopped beans and the rice, cook for 10-15 more minutes.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 1 to 3 hours

Difficulty: None


The stew is eaten in a deep dish and with a spoon. It is eaten slowly, salivating, savoring and chewing well. It should not be abused, it is a strong dish. We can add a touch of chorizo ​​and / or blood sausage and, of course, red wine to drink.

Take advantage!

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