Galician octopus recipe or octopus a feira


Today I bring you a typical recipe wherever there is, Galician octopus or feira octopus.A very special dish in Galicia, since it is a classic that you usually find at different festivals and fairs throughout the Galician territory, regardless of whether it is a sea port or inland area.

Although it appears to be a simple recipe, the truth is that it has its crumb, as the result will vary a lot depending on the quality of the octopus, and its way of cooking. I always prefer to take the octopus in the grocery stores, where expert hands present it perfectly cooked to you, however sometimes you feel like it at home and we can only get down to work to get an authentic and delicious Galician octopus or "a feira ".


For 4 people
  • Galician fresh or frozen octopus 2 kg
  • Galician potato 1 kg
  • Sweet or spicy paprika from La Vera, to taste
  • 1º extra virgin olive oil, to taste
  • Coarse salt to taste

How to make octopus a la gallega or octopus a feira

Difficulty: Medium
  • Total time 45 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • Cooking 30 m

For this recipe, the ideal would be to make ourselves with an authentic Galician octopus, with very tasty meat and flavored with the white waters of the Atlantic and freeze it to cook it without problems or buy it already frozen, but making sure it is an octopus of Galician origin. The best time to buy it is in the summer. It can be frozen and so we will have reserves for the rest of the year.

We will remove the octopus from the freezer the night before and leave it in the fridge to slowly defrost. It is important to do it in a very large container, as it will release a lot of liquid when defrosting.

Next we put water in a large and tall pot. We will not add salt, as we will salt it later, once it is cooked. When the water is already hot and almost starting to boil, we will take the octopus by the head and submerge it three times in the water to do what is said to "scare" it. We leave it, now yes, in the cooking water.

When the water starts to boil again, that's when we start counting the time, about thirty minutes for every 1.8 kg to 2 kg of octopus. We poke it from time to time to see how hard it is in the thickest part of the tentacles. It should offer the resistance of a cooked potato when pierced.

When we finish cooking the octopus, we let it rest for a few minutes and then we remove it to a tray. In the same cooking water, add the potatoes or "cachelos" and cook them for 15 minutes.

To serve the octopus, we will cut the tentacles into 1 cm thick pieces with kitchen scissors and the head into small pieces.

We serve it on a wooden plate, it is best wet with a little of the cooking water, we add a potato base. We salt the pieces of octopus with coarse salt, sprinkle with the paprika which can be sweet or spicy, and sprinkle everything with a little oil. We serve very hot.

With what to accompany the Galician octopus or octopus a feira

Accompanying the Galician octopus or octopus a feira is very easy, with some good Galician potatoes, and a red Mencía wine we already have the perfect pairing. But, yes, of course do not forget a good Galician bread roll, essential to bathe the dish with that little oil and paprika sauce.

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