Wild asparagus raclette recipe, chorizo ​​mince and roast potato


We continue to encourage you to prepare a good raclette with different ingredients than the usual ones, and this time we are going to cook a raclette of wild asparagus, chorizo ​​mince and roast potato, which requires very little prior preparation, just cooking the essential potatoes , as the rest of the ingredients are cooked on the grill, directly on the table.

Ingredients for four people

  • The quantities are indicative, and change depending on how varied we want to make the raclette. This list is intended to make a raclette combined with other ingredients.
  • 250 gr. of artisan chorizo ​​mince, 200 gr. wild asparagus, extra virgin olive oil, flake salt.
  • Fixed quantity ingredients for a complete raclette (four people): 400 gr. raclette cheese, six potatoes.

How to make wild asparagus raclette, chorizo ​​mince and roast potato

We preheat the oven to 180º C. We wash the potatoes, dry them and give them a cross cut on the surface. We wrap them in silver foil and place in the oven for approximately 45 minutes. We remove them when, when piercing them with a skewer, it sinks into them easily. We wash, dry and chop the asparagus into canes of about four centimeters.

We connect the raclette and let it heat up. Once seated at the table, we grill the asparagus on one side of the griddle with a thread of extra virgin olive oil, turning until they are completely done. On the other side we put the chorizo ​​mince, this time without any fat, since it already has it in its composition. We turn until it has a good color and is a little golden.

We prepare a container of raclette, place a tablespoon of picadillo, some asparagus, several potato slices and a flake of salt, and cover with a slice of cheese. We put the container in the raclette until the cheese melts

Processing time | 50 minutes Difficulty | low


This recipe for wild asparagus raclette, chorizo ​​mince and roasted potato is another good option to make a different and complete raclette, in combination with other ingredients. The chorizo ​​mince is very tasty, although it is better that you choose a quality one in a trusted butcher shop.

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