Strawberry risotto recipe, a surprising dessert (which you will also love as a garnish)


While the strawberry season lasts, I want to show you a sweet dish that I am sure you will love. This recipe for strawberry risotto, a surprising dessert (which you will also love as a garnish), is really delicious. It is a simple recipe, beautiful in its color, that has no difficulty and is also delicious.

With all those qualifiers you will agree with me that you have to try it this week. Thus, at least we give this fruit that we like so much, an original use beyond the typical classic desserts. But do not think that we are only before a dessert. This risotto also makes a great starter, or even a luxurious side dish for meat dishes.


For 4 people
  • Arborio rice 350 g
  • Onion 100 g
  • Red wine 100 ml
  • Clean strawberry 250 g
  • Butter 75 g
  • Liquid cream 40 ml
  • Vegetables soup 1 l

How to make strawberry risotto

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time

This dish is prepared with the same rice as any risotto, with the Carnaroli or arborio varieties of rice, which have the quality of absorbing a lot of liquid, and being slightly honeyed on the outside. al dente, inside. We start by putting the vegetable broth to cook and once it boils we lower the heat to a minimum and we always keep it hot. In another casserole, sauté the finely chopped onion with the butter, and when it is transparent, add the rice, which we will stir until it is also transparent.

Once at that point, we add the wine little by little so that the rice does not cool and let it absorb it, until it runs out of liquid. In this risotto, due to its color, we can use red or rosé wine or even red vermouth, instead of the traditional white wine. Next, we add the hot broth with a ladle, letting the rice take in the broth before adding a new ladle. And at the same time, we move so that it does not catch us at the bottom. We continue like this, for about 17 to 20 minutes, depending on the type of rice, tasting until it is ready.

Meanwhile, we are cleaning the strawberries, and reserve two or three to decorate. We put the rest of the strawberries in a beater glass with the liquid cream and we give a few touches with the mixer, but without completely crushing them, it is preferable that we leave some piece that will give more presence to the strawberries on the plate at the end. When the rice is about five minutes away, add the strawberry shake, two or three times so that the cooking is not cut off and we move to mix. We finish when the rice has a creamy point and decorate with the reserved strawberries.

With what to accompany the strawberry risotto

This recipe for strawberry risotto is perfect for dessert and as I was saying, it is also a great starter, as it has the flavor of a vegetable risotto, although it has the scent of strawberry, which without completely invading the term, gives it a refreshing touch. It can also be great as a garnish for some grilled chicken breasts, which will appreciate your company.

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