Pumpkin tartlets with lactose free cream recipe: perfect for Halloween


Despite the still hot weather, at home we are already cooking typical dishes of the season, and to do so, we mainly resort to the star products of the season. So, although we may still want cold creams like this one with carrots and orange, we started using pumpkins, nuts, quinces, ... and we were looking forward to the first artichokes.

I have made some pumpkin tartlets with lactose-free cream that enhance the flavor of this curcubitácea sweet, and constitute just a sample of everything that from a gastronomic point of view can be made with this fruit that provides a lot of fiber and vitamins. You yourself will be able to discover how, beyond the purees and roasted pumpkin, our protagonist today, she gives a lot of play. Also, let's not forget that pumpkins are closely associated with the celebration of Halloween, so our recipe today can serve as dinner on that special day.

Ingredients (for four tartlets):

  • Base: 500 grams of strength flour, 200 grams of white sugar, 10 grams of chemical yeast powder, 160 milliliters of olive oil, two eggs and a pinch of salt.

  • Filling: 300 grams of roasted pumpkin without skin or pipes, a medium onion, 100 grams of brown sugar, a brick of Kaiku's lactose-free cooking cream, a pinch of cinnamon, 50 grams of almond flour, a pinch of salt, olive oil, basil and two eggs.

How we make our pumpkin tartlets with lactose-free cream:

This time I made the dough with the breadmaker to simplify the process: the solid ingredients are mixed and placed in the mixing bowl, then the eggs are beaten and stirred together with the oil, pouring it over the previous mixture. The kneading program is selected, and when it is finished, the dough is re-bound with floured hands and rolled up in kitchen plastic wrap, leaving it to rest for two hours in the fridge.

For the filling, sauté the chopped onion in oil and cook it with dried basil. Then we crush the roasted pumpkin with the sugar and the almond flour, and add the onion, seasoning everything with cinnamon, reserve in a covered bowl and beat the eggs with the lactose-free cooking cream. We add to the previous mixture and a pinch of salt and we stir everything again.

With the dough we line four molds for tartlets greased with olive oil, and pour the filling, then we take it to the preheated oven (170º) for half an hour. The result? a tasty sweet to enjoy the sponge dough (thanks to the strength flour) and the flavor of the pumpkin.


I have decorated my tartlets with grated coconut because I really like how it combines with pumpkin. If they are served cold they are much richer and they can be served as an autumn snack (very original), or dinner for Halloween night, accompanied by salty popcorn. If you do so, do not forget to decorate the house with allusive elements.

Processing time | 2 hours Difficulty | Easy

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Macarena González is a mother who likes to get into the kitchen to prepare classic dishes, and also to experiment with new textures and flavors. She is convinced that food is a source of health, so every day she spends time choosing the best ingredients with which to prepare food for her family. She is an editor at Peques y Más.

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