Salmon tartar recipe with an Asian twist

There is nothing like going to the market and finding a very beautiful salmon with which to do many things. Well, at least with a central section of the loin, such as this salmon tartar recipe with an Asian touch.

It is also a recipe that can help us if we want to put a different dish as a starter on the Christmas menu. And especially economical if we consider that theirs would be to do it with bluefin tuna which is very expensive. In fact the amount of ingredients that I put is to make a starter shared by every 4 people.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 160 g of fresh salmon, the green part of a chive, ginger root, 1 free-range egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, extra virgin olive oil and wasabi.

How to make salmon tartare with an Asian touch

Clean the skin salmon and the darker parts of the meat and cut into small cubes. Here to the taste of each one, I have cut it into small portions, not chopped at all.

We cut the spring onion into julienne strips and wash it in water to remove the strongest flavor. And we grate the ginger. We mix everything with a little olive oil and soy sauce.

We serve the tartar with an egg yolk on top and a little wasabi on the side.

Processing time | 15 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


If you like the tartar, I am convinced that you will like this salmon. The Asian touch is great for salmon as well. Very far from the similarity to others that you have tried.

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