Feta stuffed tomatoes recipe


Last weekend I was in Tudela and we had a fantastic time. The locals said it was too hot, but I was delighted. It was arriving in Madrid and the heat slap that he has been doing since Sunday is little, so we started with the fresh summer salads with these tomatoes stuffed with feta.

To reduce calories in this recipe, you can omit the mayonnaise and replace it with a little more oil and a little vinegar. But little and well mixed, that way we make it seem more.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 4 salad tomatoes, 200 grams of feta cheese, 1 small avocado, 100 grams of arugula, 100 ml of mayonnaise, a little olive oil and salt.

Preparation of stuffed tomatoes

We start by cutting a lid to the tomatoes and a little the bottom to prevent them from falling once filled. With a spoon we empty them and reserve them, smearing them with a little olive oil inside and a little salt.

In a bowl we put the cheese and avocado (clean and pitted) cut into cubes of the same size. We mix them with the arugula (except for a little arugula and a few cubes of cheese) and the mayonnaise. And we fill the tomatoes with this filling.

Processing time | 20 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


We serve the tomatoes stuffed with feta cheese with a few more cubes of cheese and a few leaves of arugula that we had left without mixing. To eat them the best fork and knife and very cold.

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