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I confess to being a follower of the national holidays only for what they represent in gastronomy. Yes, if I have to follow this Easter this is the typical dishes and sweets, and if you see me following something, it certainly will not be a cross, I will be following the good taste for the French toast. Today I decided to make a variant, the classic ones will fall throughout the week. I have prepared a recipe for French toast.

Ingredients for about 10 servings

  • For the biscuits of soletilla we will use their own recipe already presented En Directo al Paladar.
  • For the pastry cream we will need for each liter of milk, 250 gr of sugar, 100 gr of flour (50 gr of flour and 40 gr of cornstarch or only 80 gr of cornstarch), 4 small egg yolks (2 large or 3 medium) , a lemon peel, 1 cinnamon stick or 1 vanilla.
  • For the French toast we will need 20 biscuits of soletilla, 250 ml of pastry cream, 250 ml of milk, a cinnamon stick, 2 eggs and olive oil.

Preparation of the pastry cream

Pastry cream should be the first recipe in any dessert and candy recipe book. It's really easy to prepare.

We put the milk to boil with the vanilla or the cinnamon and the lemon peel.

Apart we mix the flour with the sugar and the yolks one by one. In addition we are adding little by little the boiling milk until obtaining a fluid mixture.

Add the rest of the milk and put it back on the fire. Stir constantly until it starts to boil and thickens.

We let it cool, covered with a film that touches the cream to avoid crusting.

Processing time | 10 minutes Difficulty | Easy

Preparation of the French toast with soletilla

When we have prepared the biscuits of soletilla we let them air dry a little and spread them with their base up. We put a portion of pastry cream. Just a little, enough to stick another sponge cake on top and close it like a sandwich. It's not about it coming off the edges or anything like that.

Once closed we moisten them with milk, milk that we have boiled with a cinnamon stick. Read well, moisten not soak in milk. This is because the cakes get soggy right away and if they get excessively wet they break easily. We pass them through the beaten egg and quickly pass them to the olive oil that will be ready to fry.

We turn them over very carefully and when they are golden we remove them, drain them, let them dry on kitchen paper and pass them through sugar and cinnamon.

Processing time | 25 minutes Difficulty | Hard


The recipe for torrijas de soletilla is a very simple recipe, but you will see that it is difficult. This is because you have to perform the step of moistening in milk and egg to pass them through oil in a very delicate way. Out of ten servings I have prepared, one did not come to fruition. Although the other nine and how well they have been have made us forget the sad loss of the first.

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