Baked tuna belly recipe


Today I want to present you a recipe that leaves us happy whenever we prepare it, as it combines its excellent flavor and texture with the simplicity of its preparation. And the best, the baked tuna belly, is a real delicacy, which we can have ready on the table in just under 30 minutes and without staining more pots than the oven dish.

Although the best season for bonito from the north has already ended at the end of the summer, last weekend I found tuna belly of almadraba in the market and logically, I could not resist enjoying once more, with this recipe that I loved so much. like.

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • A belly of bonito del norte or tuna, two cloves of garlic, a branch of parsley and 50 cl. of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), Salt.

How to make the tuna belly in the oven.

First, we have to clean the belly very well.This piece usually has a web of yellow or greenish skin that must be removed, because if it cannot give a bitter taste, and incidentally, we watch because we may find some thorn, which we will remove. Once it is perfectly clean, place the belly with the skin side down on a baking dish in which we will then roast it, in the grill or grill position. As the belly piece was from a small tuna, it was enough for two good portions, so I divided it into two halves.

To season the belly, we prepare a garlic and parsley oil, crushing the two garlic cloves and the parsley branch with the EVOO, and we save the resulting liquid that at home we call garlic, in a baby bottle. This preparation can be very useful for many recipes, and it keeps wonderfully in the fridge for several weeks.

We put a small pinch of salt in the belly and cover it generously with a good drizzle of garlic from the bottle and bake it at 200º for about 10-15 minutes. As each oven has its times, you have to watch it so that it does not dry out or burn. Ideally, as soon as it begins to take color, turn off the oven, and let it cool down to serve immediately, because it is a shame that these exquisite pieces of fish come out past of oven or they dry out.

Processing time | 20 minutes
Difficulty | Low


The best thing about the baked tuna belly is to shelling each of the fillets or slats of which it is composed, when taking each portion. This wonderful piece of fish can be taken in the company of a very cold white wine, better if it is from your area and not too fruity. With a fresh salad as a garnish and a portion of the baked tuna belly, you have a lunch or dinner ready, which you will undoubtedly remember for many days.

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