Galician recipe for cod empanada with raisins

If you plan to visit Galicia, you cannot miss a specialty of its gastronomy that I am sure will win you over. It is the Galician empanada of cod with raisins, one of the most unknown varieties of the many that are prepared in Galicia, but with a delicious and surprising mixture of flavors, not in vain for Galicians it is one of our favorite empanadas, This is demonstrated in bakeries because it is usually the first to finish.

To make it, a lot of care and good ingredients. Onions of the land full of flavor, a good cod and a crunchy and thin dough, in this case I have opted to try Isabel's, which I have slightly versioned and it has not disappointed me, it is delicious.

Ingredients for four people

  • For the dough: 500 gr. of flour, 150 gr. of oil to fry the filling, 150 gr. of milk, 1 egg, 8 g of salt.
  • For the filling: 500 g of desalted cod, 3 onions, 225 g of mild olive oil, 80 g of seedless raisins, 1 egg for painting

How to make Galician empanada of cod with raisins

We will start by preparing the filling. For that, we chop the onion and fry it for 20 minutes in the oil over low heat, it should be soft and transparent. While in a saucepan with water, we boil the desalted fish as explained here and let it cook for three minutes, drain it and separate it into flakes.

When the onion is poached, add the cod and the raisins and let everything cook together for another four minutes. We drain the oil and let it cool, reserving this excess cold oil for the dough.

For the dough, in a bowl we add the flour, mix the salt with the milk and add. Add the oil from the sauce and the lightly beaten egg. We are forming a ball with our hands, once we have obtained it, we cover it with a cloth and leave it to rest for 15 minutes before using it.

Once the time has passed, we divide the dough in half, leaving one part slightly smaller than the other. We stretch the largest portion of dough between two baking papers in a round shape, place it on top of a mold or on a baking tray with the paper.

We stretch the other part in the same way, leaving it a little smaller than the base. We spread the filling on top of it, cover with the other part of the dough on top and tuck in the base making a closed cord with our fingers to prevent the filling from coming out.

With scissors we cut a kind of chimney, so that the empanada breathes and does not burst and with the dough cuts we make some decorations. We paint with beaten egg and a pinch of salt, and bake in the preheated oven at 190 degrees for 45 minutes or until we see it golden brown. We remove from the oven and paint it hot with the remaining oil from the sauce.

Processing time | 2 hours
Difficulty | Half


I think this Galician empanada of cod with raisins is going to seem exquisite, a specialty that you should not stop trying if you go to Galicia, although if not, now is a good time to get yourself with this homemade version that is also delicious Galician word!

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