Traditional Mallorcan soup recipe, a unique dish perfect to tone the body (and the soul)

This traditional recipe for Mallorcan soups is one of the most popular dishes in the gastronomy of Mallorca and it is also one of my favorites. The version that I present, with pork loin and mushrooms, is typical of slaughter meals. You can prepare the soups without these ingredients, I assure you that they are just as good.

Something almost essential for this dish to be perfect are soups or slices of dry country bread cut very thin. I have tried to make this dish with bread cut by myself, but the result is not the same, that's why I take advantage when I go to Mallorca to buy it, or I order it to a friend to send it to me. It's worth it!


For 4 people
  • Pork loin (or sirloin) cut small 300 g
  • Spring onion 0.5
  • Head of garlic 1
  • Fresh parsley (bunch) 1
  • Tomato 3
  • Potatoes (cut like for omelette) 1
  • Cauliflower 0.5
  • Cabbages 1
  • Green pepper 1
  • Sweet paprika
  • Water
  • Majorcan soup bread 250 g
  • Chanterelles 200 g

How to make Mallorcan soups

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 45 m
  • Cooking 45 m

We start by washing and cutting all the vegetables. In a casserole, better if it is made of clay, we give the pork loin a few turns in olive oil. Next, add the spring onion, the peeled and coarsely cut garlic, the green pepper, the tomato (unpeeled and finely chopped), the mushrooms and stir everything.

Add the potato and parsley and then the cabbage cut into rather small strips. When the cabbage has lost its water, we add a tablespoon full of paprika, salt and hot water (not too much, it is better to add so that the vegetables are made). After a few minutes we add the small chopped cauliflower.

When the vegetables are cooked, we move them towards the edges of the casserole and add the bread soups ensuring that they remain at the bottom of the casserole. We return the vegetables to the top, cover and cook for a few minutes. Serve hot.

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