Recipes with Prawns from Vinaròs submitted to the National Applied Cooking Competition


If you feel like salivating, your taste buds are awakened by the presence of suggestive and elaborate dishes that preserve or enhance the flavor of the exquisite Vinaròs Prawns, we invite you to see the dishes that the applicants for the 2007 Golden Prawn presented .

It is a shame that you cannot perceive the aroma that each dish gave off, nor the brightness that illuminated them live, in terms of flavor, we assure you that we are just like you, with the desire, only the five members of the jury chaired by Jordi Roca were lucky enough to taste them.

They confirmed that the decision was very difficult, because in addition to trying twelve dishes in which the shrimp from Vinaròs was the star ingredient, then there were the same number of free recipe dishes, these we will show you later, also very tempting.

But let's start with the dishes that were chosen to achieve the Golden Prawn, the Silver Prawn and the Bronze Prawn.

José Antonio from Bar Zeruko in San Sebastián presented this surprising dish, Langostino de Vinaròs al sarmiento.

Ferrán from the Andorran restaurant Gínjol, prepared a salad of prawns "esqueixats", quinoa and asparagus marinated with watermelon soup.

José Antonio del Xalet de Montjuïc de Barcelona delighted us with a warm of Vinaròs prawns with grilled fruit and vegetable salad, mixed compote perfumes with green olive foam.

These are the Prawns with marrow and roasted ham juice that José María prepared from Madrid's Laan Café.

To continue making our mouths water, we contemplate this Carpaccio of prawns from Pablo, an Argentine chef living in San Sebastián and who intoxicates the palates of the clients of the Mirador de Ulia.

From the Occidental Miguel Angel Hotel, in Madrid, Mario Alberto brought us a prawn ceviche from Vinaròs with hedgehog “spongebob” and lemon air.

Xavi, who arrived from the Bresca restaurant in Cambrils, delighted us on this occasion with some prawns with spring onion.

El Langostino de Oro, the name of the restaurant that Salvador runs in Vinaròs, prepared the raw and cooked with marine flavors. The name of the restaurant is not an influence.

Catch air, King Prawn from Vinaròs battered in whistle flour with cured Manchego cheese foam, bittersweet base and Manchego pisto pearls. It could have no other source than Daimiel (Ciudad Real), where Rubén del Restaurante el Bodegón comes from.

Andrea, from the Rafel Lo Cristalero Restaurant, you already know that he is from Vinaròs, prepared some sophisticated cannelloni puffed with smoked potato foam and shrimp caviar.

The Andalusian dish in this contest was contributed by José from the La Almudena Celebration Hall in Motril, with these Potato and prawn croquettes with vinegar caramel.

Finally, Llorenç and Hassan from the Benicarló Hospitality School, surprised with a prawn infusion with Mª Luisa, cod ratatouille and American sauce.

If looking at the images it can be difficult to decide which dishes will become winners, imagine trying each of them. We are based on the fact that the shrimp from Vinaròs is a quality product, to which we add that the hands that have worked this ingredient have tried to offer its best preparation.

We are sure that the decision has been very difficult, but for now and by appearance, which dish do you prefer?

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