Today's recipes, traditional flavor. Xavier Barriga's Recipe Book


Today's recipes, traditional flavor, Xavier Barriga's new recipe book, was waiting for me at the bookstore when I went yesterday afternoon. As he greeted me very kindly when I passed him, I had no choice but to buy it. Yes, yes, you know that I have no will for that. But I do not regret it at all, I invite you to browse it if you have the opportunity and surely the same thing happens to me.

The recipes, wonderfully photographed by Marc Vergés, are "lifelong" and I think that is what makes them so appetizing, because they give off the flavor we are used to and we know they will not disappoint us. In addition, there is no way to go wrong when executing them, as Xavier dedicates the first fifty pages of his book to explaining all the techniques used to succeed in kneading.

Until page 47 we will not find any recipe, but from there prepare to salivate. The recipes are grouped into: those of a lifetime; integral universe; salty ideas; zero intolerance; today I'm going to surprise you and a little bit of everything. We can find such appetizing proposals as a sedan filled with chocolate cream, sponge cake without sugar, raspberry snecken, chocolate and pistachios or apricot, almond rolls and a touch of vanilla.

In short, Today's Recipes, Taste of Always by Xavier Barriga is a book for lovers of the masses who want to be guided by one of the "gurus" of the bakery. The recipes are simple and well explained, now we only have to put them into practice. Will someone come with me?

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