Easy and quick recipes to say goodbye to the month on the weekly menu for September 28


Autumn is here. We change the season and say goodbye to September with dishes that are prepared in a short time and whose level of difficulty is minimal, in most cases.

We indulge ourselves in the form of chocolate custard with an eggless version that is delicious and we snack to the sound of the Murcian garden. But this is not the only thing that our weekly menu includes. Come in, see and enjoy.


  • Lunch: Pumpkin gratin with Parmesan cheese and curried cauliflower and oatmeal burger
  • Dinner: Hasselback potatoes with seasoned tomato


  • Lunch: Noodles with creamy cheese sauce and Asian-style steamed miso and trout pasta
  • Dinner: Zucchini, Feta, and Mint Salad

Tagliatelle with creamy cheese sauce and miso pasta


  • Food: Creamy rice with chard and potatoes and eggs in the French Basque style
  • Dinner: Tomato cream with red pesto


  • Food: Crispy chickpeas with fresh herbs and marseille bream.
  • Dinner: Fat-free stewed vegetables

Dorada a la marseilles


  • Lunch: Julienne soup and chicken casserole and Padrón peppers with anchovy butter and basil
  • Dinner: Paisana potato omelette by Dani García


  • Lunch: Lasagna with ham, cheese and pesto and marinated beef tataki with mustard, spices and coal salt
  • Dinner: Quesadillas with Manchego cheese and Portobello mushrooms


  • Food: Tian of vegetables and marmitako of salmon.
  • Dinner: Montecristo Sandwich.

Eggless chocolate custard

Appetizers and snacks

  1. Baked razor clams
  2. Murcian seafood salad and anchovy
  3. Battered aubergines stuffed with sobrasada

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