Light recipes for this Christmas: two healthy menu proposals

If you have not yet defined what to eat at Christmas, we leave you two proposals for a healthy menu for these dates using light recipes for this Christmas, with good nutrients that feed the body.

Proposal: good nutrients without excess calories

Below you will see that we elaborate two healthy menu proposals with light recipes for this Christmas. For your selection we have aimed to include good nutrients without excess calories with each chosen dish.

Thus, it is intended to choose preparations that do not have excess calories and that although they may be more energetic than other common dishes due to their preparation for a festive moment, the calories are not empty, but are derived from good nutrients for the body.

So, with Christmas recipes without many calories and above all, with a significant proportion of healthy nutrients, we leave you our two healthy menu proposals for this festive date.

Healthy menu proposal (I)

  • Appetizers: to start nibbling before sitting down at the table, we propose a ceviche of spicy cockles with tarragon that are served in a lime and are rich in vitamin C, iron and proteins, we can also prepare some Camembert bruschettas and baked grapes, ideal for being very easy, rich in fiber and calcium, as well as without many calories.
  • Starter: seafood soup that offers a lot of flavor, high water content at a good temperature, ideal for this time of year, and it is also a source of iron and good proteins with very little fat.
  • Main course and garnish: as a main course we propose some chicken breasts stuffed with figs, rich in lean proteins and with some fiber, which we can perfectly accompany with a braised red cabbage with apple, chestnuts and orange, where we will find a minimum of carbohydrates, plus fiber, vitamin C and lots of potassium.
  • Dessert and sweets: to close the menu with some sweets without many calories, we propose Zamorano rebojos that do not reach 100 Kcal per serving and that can be perfectly accompanied by red fruits that add fiber and micronutients to the dish. We can also opt for a thin and crunchy apple pie that does not have many calories or sugar and is a good source of fiber or for a cava, orange and lemon sorbet with very few calories, plenty of water and little alcohol.

Healthy menu proposal (II)

  • Appetizers: Cheesy pepper salad toast, offering plenty of carotenes, calcium and a minimum of carbohydrates to nibble on before starting the meal. Also a good option is some skewers of duck ham, mango and grapes, which offer a lot of flavor, potassium and fiber.
  • Starter: stuffed avocados, as this recipe has lean proteins, iron, potassium, good fats derived from avocado and fiber from the fruits and vegetables that make up the recipe.
  • Main course and garnish: as the main course of this Christmas menu, we propose a roast beef with piquillo pepper sauce, very low in fat but with good proteins that satisfy. We can accompany it with some caramelized potatoes with orange and red wine that provide hydrates and potassium, or with a roasted cauliflower with paprika with dried fruits, which add good fats, antioxidants, fiber and various vitamins to the meat.
  • Dessert and sweets: to close the meal with something sweet we propose a light chocolate cake that we can accompany with fresh red fruits to add fiber, vitamins and minerals, or we can opt for some peach, almond and pistachio cakes that offer good fats , few calories and carotenes. A last sweet alternative without many calories for this Christmas are the orange donuts that barely exceed 50 Kcal per unit.

Recommendations for a healthy menu this Christmas

After having given good menu ideas with light recipes for this Christmas, we want to give you some final recommendations to take into account when preparing the menu:

  • Include whenever possible, fruits and vegetables in your dishes.
  • Prepare a closed menu, avoiding the buffet style, because the more variety, the more consumption, because we will try to try a little of everything and add more calories to our body.
  • Choose preparations with air and water whenever possible, that is, they have volume at the cost of a shake or the addition of ice or gelatin for example, that do not add calories to the dish.
  • Choose lean meats and low-fat ingredients in general, as this way we will reduce calories without affecting the quality of our dishes for this Christmas.

Now, we have given different options and resources to prepare a healthy and light menu for this Christmas. We hope you enjoy above all things and have a very Merry Christmas.

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