Flavourful, yet uncomplicated recipes on the weekly menu for March 2


We can say (or almost) that we have a new month. Because although we are still closing in February, our weekly menu starts with March and does so with recipes full of flavor, but without complications. During the next seven days we are going to enjoy the kitchen just enough to avoid saturating ourselves and without giving up eating deliciously.

The weekly menu starts, as usual, with Meatless Monday. More and more of you are joining this initiative through which to increase the consumption of vegetable products. The rest of the week we include recipes for meat, poultry, fish and much more. We encourage you to make them yours and change our proposals to taste. But above all, that you enjoy cooking.


  • Food: Pasta with roasted vegetables and feta cheese and mini avocado and quinoa burgers.
  • Dinner: Cream of zucchini.


  • Food: Microwave artichokes and ham and cheese quiche.
  • Dinner: Tomatoes stuffed with pine nuts and raisins.

Caricos stews or red beans from Cantabria


  • Food: Caricos stews or red beans from Cantabria and tuna tacos with mint cream peas.
  • Dinner: Sauteed fresh corn salad and chicken.


  • Food: Braised vegetables without fat and breasts à la Villeroy.
  • Dinner: Pizza with salmon and brie cheese with dill.

Villeroy breasts


  • Food: Tomato carpaccio and poached eggs with baby eels and prawns.
  • Dinner: Baked turbot au gratin with potatoes.


  • Food: Miso soup and beef stew with black beer.
  • Dinner: Lasagna with green beans and mozzarella.


  • Food: Snack based on appetizers and traditional Valencian paella.
  • Dinner: Pear, gorgonzola and bacon sandwich.

Pesto hummus

Appetizers and snacks

  1. Welsh toast.
  2. Pesto hummus.
  3. Mussels with marinara sauce.

Breakfasts, snacks and sweet treats

Breakfasts and snacks are important and you have to take care of them, so it is better if we accompany these moments with homemade snacks than with industrial products. If we organize ourselves a little and dedicate some time during the week, we can bake bread, cakes, cookies, etc. Well preserved they will last several days and will make our breakfasts and snacks special moments.

  • Lemon cupcakes with pompadour.
  • Oil rolls.
  • Egg-free chocolate custard.
  • Carrot and walnut cake.
  • Chocolate and raspberry tiramisu.
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