Traditional and flavorful recipes on the weekly menu for November 16


We love traditional cuisine. The dishes of a lifetime take us back to childhood, to our grandmothers 'houses, to our parents' kitchens. For this week we propose a weekly menu loaded with them to help us carry it with spirit.

We also take advantage of seasonal foods to prepare some of our dishes: boletus, sweet potato, sea bass, pumpkin, among others. We encourage you to make bread (like the sweet potato on the cover), try international cuisines such as those from Italy, France and Portugal and much more. Happy week and let's cook!


  • Food: Catalan spinach and puff pastry with vegetables and feta cheese
  • Dinner: Easy tomato and egg scramble


  • Lunch: Ratatouille and baked sea bass with potatoes
  • Dinner: Basic carrot cream


  • Food: Kidney beans or white beans with cuttlefish and meatballs in tomato sauce
  • Dinner: Italian Piadinas stuffed with ham and cheese


  • Lunch: Macaroni gratin with minced meat and minced meat and barbecued octopus
  • Dinner: Warm salad of quinoa, sweet potato, feta cheese and garlic chips


  • Food: Escalivada and beef stew
  • Dinner: Four Seasons Pizza

Kidney beans or white beans with cuttlefish


  • Food: Stuffed mushrooms and spiritual cod
  • Dinner: Chicken burritos with cheese


  • Food: Snack based on appetizers and rice in the casserole of Joan Roca's mother as a unique dish
  • Dinner: Crispy flatbread with potato, gruyère and sour cream

Pumpkin bundt cake

Appetizers and snacks

  1. Boletus en papillote
  2. Tomato and basil mousse
  3. Grilled cuttlefish with aioli

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