A round of beef and seven recipes in which to take advantage of your leftovers the rest of the week

A roast beef is always a party at home. In addition to enjoying their meat and sauce on the spot, leftovers also allow us to make other great dishes to enjoy on the following days. So today we bring you a round of beef and seven recipes in which to take advantage of your leftovers the rest of the week.

Both the meat and the sauce that are left over will be great for other elaborations that we have selected for you, as we already did with the roast chicken and its leftovers, or with the marinated salmon and leftovers, thus preparing a use menu for seven days.

Sunday: beef round

The round is a meat that is usually used for roasting, since it is very cylindrical, without any fat or nerves and very easy to use, although it is not precisely the juiciest or the tastiest piece of meat. In any case, as it is the most common recipe in the homes of our country for this type of roast meat, we are going to start with the recipe for the round of roast beef that María José made that you can learn to prepare, following her instructions.

Cooking a round is easy. It is enough to clean the meat well from the ribs that surround the piece and roast it in the oven, next to the garnish and bake until the meat is done. The usual thing is to brown the outside at first and then use the braising technique to do it well and make it juicy.

2. Monday: Meat dumplings

As we have recently the round, we wanted to make a very different recipe to take advantage of your leftovers. Inspired by the Chilean or Argentine dumplings, we are going to prepare a filling with the meat of the round very minced, a poached onion, four or five diced green olives and a couple of tablespoons of the sauce. With that preparation, we make the dumplings and enjoy them at dinner. Here you can see the recipe.

3. Tuesday: Croquettes with extra flavor

I never forget the trick that Francis Paniego taught us to get some croquettes with extra flavor. As you can see in the recipe for their famous croquettes, the secret is to add to the bechamel a couple of tablespoons of the sauce of a meat roast. When you round, always save a little sauce and remember to add it to your croquettes.

3. Wednesday: Round strips with Mexican-style almonds

Our colleagues from Directo al Paladar México prepared a recipe a few months ago made with strips of beef fillet, which we can adapt to our leftovers. It will surely look great with this delicious sauce and that Mexican touch that we always like so much.

4. Thursday: Quinoa and beef salad

To make this salad, we are going to use the recipe that Liliana taught us the other day with beef, but instead of making it with fillets in strips, we are going to use our leftovers. An easy, complete, healthy and above all use dish.

5. Friday: Meat Risotto

Risottos are always a good resource to dispose of food scraps, since they do not need a large quantity to feed many, since their main ingredient, rice is the protagonist.

If we make a risotto with a chive base, three well-chopped round slices and add to the preparation part of the sauce that we have left, we will have a risotto with intense flavor, like when we made the risotto with leftovers from a veal stew that you have in the image.

6. Saturday: Veal sandwich

A good way to enjoy leftovers from the round -like when we have leftover roast beef or any roast meat- is to prepare with two or three slices a good veal sandwich. I like to spread a little sauce on the bread, put some lettuce leaves and put the meat on top.

If you want you can add mustard, tomato slices, purple onion, arugula leaves ... with the limit of your imagination. A veal sandwich like this that Liliana showed us, is always perfect for lunch or dinner.

7. Sunday: Round with intense tomato sauce

To finish with the round, if you still have it and you no longer have sauce, there is a very easy resource that is to heat a tomato sauce and cover with it the pieces of round that you still have in the fridge. The intense flavor of the fried tomato, especially if you use a homemade tomato with a touch of vermouth, will give the perfect contrast and the necessary juiciness to the remains of the round that you still have.

With this round recipe and another seven to take advantage of their leftovers throughout the week, you will have verified - as we already did with roast chicken and marinated salmon - that our philosophy is always to not waste any food.

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