Repechage in MasterChef Celebrity: a pigeon takes the contestant from the field (and is replaced by one of the last eliminated)


After the halfway point of the program, we have attended the typical repechage in MasterChef, a good resource to unnecessarily lengthen the contest, and rescue applicants destined to last a newscast while others who aimed much higher leave. So is this reality.

In the first test of the night, Anabel Alonso and Bibiana Fernández have received the contestants to replace the judges. They have set up three groups formed by applicants who have given birth to each other, something they have shown with stolen audios during the program. Typical moment to create bad vibes among the contestants that, at this point and among entertainment professionals, seems like another part of the script.

The contestants have had to cook in relays with amaranth, a pseudocereal rich in protein (although it is not among those that have the most) as the protagonist.

The captains of each team have designed a dish with amaranth that the rest of the team had to cook in relays: the applicants found the recipe started and had to continue it by following the preparations that were on the table.

Some captains, like Josie, have known how to cook amaranth (using it, for example, as if it were rice) leaving the dish more on track. Others have started using the pseudocereal incorrectly and the result has been catastrophic.

Play-off in the mountains

In the outdoor test, chef Mario Sandoval, from the Coque restaurant (with two Michelin stars), received the program at El Jaral de la Mira, the family's event estate. The seven contestants already expelled from the program, who have had the opportunity to return to the program, have also attended.

On this occasion, the teams and captains have decided by chance and have had to prepare two menus consisting of a main course and a dessert. The blue team has prepared cheek with black mole and soufflé potatoes and, for dessert, carrot cake. The red team has had to cook flask with egg and ratatouille and, for dessert, some pestiños with vanilla ice cream.

The exaspirantes have been in charge of cooking seven starters, one each: lobster tartare with citrus caviar, a sea bream salad, artichoke gnocchi with peas and Iberian broth, pickled foie, shrimp confidated with two boils and wooden pearls cut, a ravioli with vegetables and crustaceans and, finally, a ajoblanco with shrimp.

In general, the cooking has been quite satisfactory and the verdict has been decided based on details and dynamics between the participants. The applicants have even succeeded in making soufflés for dozens of diners correctly. The blue team, responsible for this feat, has won the test. Raquel, Josie, Gonzalo and Nicolás have escaped the elimination test. They have shared the gallery with Lucía Bosé who has returned to competition.

Save with a pigeon

In the last challenge of the night, Ana Iglesias, winner of the last edition of MasterChef, has returned to the kitchens of the program to give the apprentices all the details of her pigeon recipe, which the applicants have had to replicate from the best possible way.

Iglesias has been reading the recipe step by step. The first candidate who finished the step had to say stop, so that the judges could check if it was correct. If it was well done, Iglesias kept reading the recipe, but if it said stop and it was not correctly, he was penalized. To add complication (and the usual promotional moment) the applicants had to choose what type of olive oil to use in each elaboration that needed it.

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