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At family gatherings to exchange jpgts from the Magi, my family keeps giving me cookbooks, so I think next year I'm going to ask for a new shelf because they hardly fit me anymore. This year, one of those that I have received has been the book Homemade pastries from Editorial Casa del Libro.

This book is very interesting since it has a lot of basic and very useful instructions for those who want to start in home baking, one of the sections in which I have to learn more. Also in case you are interested in acquiring it, it is very economical.

Bound in a hard cover and with ties to keep it closed, the book, with more than 250 pages, includes a lot of recipes grouped in different chapters. Thus, first of all we find a section with Tips and Techniques in which he explains with questions and answers the solution to most of the problems that an apprentice pastry chef like me can find.

How to cool a cake, how to check when it is done or how to preserve a cakeare some of the sections included in this section of basic tips and tricks. It also talks about how to get flawless results in fruitcakes, or how to properly measure the amounts indicated.

The book continues with a large section entitled Cakes and Biscuits, where he reviews most of the classic and traditional recipes such as the Sacher cake, the gypsy arm, the Christmas log, the roscones, apple cakes, etc.

It continues with another section called Cakes, Pastas and Bollitos, in which it teaches how to prepare with simple explanations small presentations such as cat's tongues, egg yolks, muffins, eclairs filled with cream, tiles, perrunillas and other types of snacks, always appetizing.

Each of the recipes is illustrated with the corresponding images of the final presentation, as well as some of the different phases of the elaboration and includes some suggestions and tricks for the conservation in optimal condition, which is very instructive.

Due to its clear explanations and its low price, I think it can be a very good purchase option if you want to start in the infinite world of sweet recipes, since for less than 6 euros you will find a very interesting ally in this process.

Homemade pastries

Various authors Price 5.95 euros Editorial Casa del Libro ISBN 9788467718232

Do not be surprised if, in addition to my classic salty recipes, you now begin to find more recipes for desserts, sweets and cakes, extracted from this Homemade Pastry book, because I am one of those who learned as a child that jpgts must be brand new and used.

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